My new Arti, now with more Bladeforge

I have two Arti’s, one human (my first) that ended up being my crafter (surprisingly still viable below epic levels) and my second made Arti that used to be Warforged. I’ve TR’d my first once – I don’t remember the reason but I assume it was to add some ability points and perhaps ‘fix’ some flubs. Not entirely unusual for a first time build in a new class. The Second have undergone 3 TR’s – 2 regular to add maximum ability points (1st was a sorc, second back to Arti – that added 4 more ability points and past life evocation with a trickle SP through the Sorc). My third (right now) is into a Iconic Bladeforged with a +1 lesser reincarnation to remove the first paladin level. I’m still at 15 but he looks cool – plus the idea was to get that reconstruct SLA for only 25 SP. Ultimately the idea is to end up with 3 Bladeforged reincarnations for the active component (repair).

It works good. There’s no significant difference between a WF or a BF other then the racial component (and starting at level 15). It’s possible that it’ll be a slight enhancement point crunch at the end due to spending more points in the BF racial part, but the idea is to at least justify adding the SLA the rest is to get enough into crit and crossbow/runearm damage as before. I might have to drop a few points of Int in the end – but I hope I don’t.

And speaking of crafting; I ended up crafting a ring and a necklace since I’ve never added much lower end gear to this Arti. Most of the stuff is at a Epic level. The ring adds 6 in Int and 7 in search and the necklace 6 Con with 7 Spot. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing and it completes the other gear. But I realize that if I want to do this a few more times I better get the Cannith bracer, boots, belt and repair ring to Max tier at level 15. Just so I can TR back to another iconic (in the future – I intend to do Epic TR’s after this) using the best gear at that level.

As it looks right now it’s semi gear well – I hope to have a Li II GS heavy repeater done shortly and I’m currently running around with a triple Pos GS repeater. I’m probably going to have to do the item with another toon since I have to reflag to get access to the altar and then let my Arti use the ship altars to tier the item. Simple enough since I should have all the mat needed already together with some left over shards.


2 thoughts on “My new Arti, now with more Bladeforge

  1. grimorde

    I haven’t decided which way to go when I do my BladeForged iTR’s but arti sounds like a really good idea 🙂 I was leaning towards sorc but I might have to rethink that 🙂


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