They’re trying, lets see where this goes

I confess. I’m not currently playing DDO. I login now and then (mostly for free gold roll) but I don’t play. The very idea nauseates me. It’s like a severe allergic reaction to what have become a trademark of DDO; either grind mindlessly or circumvent it using shards or gold. This will not improve in the next update. Sure, I do look forward to 2 more raids – dependent on how they’re done and how long they take to complete. But in order to ‘re-balance’ the whole grind they’re adding more XP to the terribad xpack quests and cutting XP in half for VON3 perhaps the ONLY good quest to run if you’re doing off destiny leveling or off karma leveling.

Turbine just don’t get it – the problem isn’t VON3 – it’s a reaction to when you create idiotic systems that are counterintuitive to the idea of increased power through leveling. Off destiny and karma leveling represents that. You’re basically taking 5 steps back for a incremental half a step forward through the nauseating product of hammer your head against a wall of content with little or no practical purpose other than leveling something you don’t even care for. Not to reiterate why this should change, but rather reflect on Turbine once more reacting by making their sucky content drop more XP and the less sucky stuff less, you have not even touch the main problem with the experience. Sure, there are still people who idiotically compare off destiny leveling with heroic TRing, forgetting that no one will ever have to play a none synergetic enhancement while level a class. On the other hand doing the same in a off destiny will always be counterproductive. Sure – there are those that yammer about ‘how you can learn about the destiny’ but the reality is that it’s still counter intuitive. You’re activly regressing your power in order to unlock fate points – a ‘currency’ that should’ve never been tied to destinies in the first place.

So Turbines reaction is to make the worse content give more and the less worse give less. Making the journey and the trip more dreadful, at a slower pace for running higher end sucky content to unlock destinies. It’s not a fix; it’s a regression. And it makes me want to play even less.

What would make me play more would be to address of destiny and karma leveling. Fix the problem. Then any changes to XP matters less. By changing XP the way they did, without a broader fix they simply cemented just how terrible the current way of doing it and the only way of getting good XP is to EN xpack content one hammer to the head after another.
Yes – I am bitter. While Turbine is trying by adding a player council and alpha play on lam (two excellent ways of getting early player feedback) they’re stubborn about continuing to destroy fun for players. And I refuse to reward them by buying their circumventions. I simply can’t reward shitty functions with more money. Maybe it’ll hurt enough going forward for them to take a long good look at how they created the very reason why people run VON3, rusted and Midlers farm over and over and fix that, instead of nerfing the reaction to their sucky system. Because as it shows people are leaving. They’re leaving because they see the hamster wheel and they’re not interested of ‘working’ more hours per day after long days at a real job. I certainly don’t. I play DDO for fun. And I pay for a quality experience.

I’m in a hold pattern for now. We’ll see what these new things will add and if the latest content can woe me back. If not I’ll move on. Each month makes the option that much easier. I don’t want too, but I didn’t change – Turbine did. And it’s their choice to see if they want me back or not.


3 thoughts on “They’re trying, lets see where this goes

  1. teachersyn

    There’s no real point in generating a protest to a game product. Either it works for you or it doesn’t. I could make arguments about WoW but in the end, it’s simply easier to play something else. Further: Turbine employees are also gamers; it’s counterintuitive for them to make the game unplayable. Anything they do, however, is also part of the business, and Turbine/WB isn’t a non-profit. There are still many quests that give a sizeable XP benefit; VoN3 balance was going to be changed for some time now. Turbine has a interest to keep you playing, so if the way they guide you to do this isn’t your thing, just move on without further criticism that cannot yield anything and steals your time from something enjoyable.

    1. patang01 Post author

      We’ll see what Turbine will make with the new content. I’m fairly sure they understand that the xpack was a massive mistake and how it ruined named items. In part, the changes to Lam seems to indicate that they want to capture the sense of what players want before it’s too late. And the fact that they’re out early and willing to get feedback on loot before most of it is created is a good thing.
      Maybe there won’t be a change to how off destiny karma leveling is handled, but it might also be offset with some really good end game instead. Update 21 will be very important in that case.

  2. erdrique

    They are planning on a number of changes, not sure if moving through epic destinies is going to be one of them, but I do know they are planning changes to the experience grind. We’ll see how it works out.


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