Getting ready and getting done

I’m ready for DDO and patch 21. This is the first time that I did visit Lam and get my play spoiled. I don’t think that will change what I finally think about everything or my opinion I have through reading others – but it helps me not to spoil the first look. Plus I never played the original Haunted halls so maybe I’m about to have a nice aha feeling. My understanding (haunted might be a dead giveaway) that I’m about to run into lots of undead, but that it’s a very layered experience with a few different ‘endings’ or rather options.

My hope is of course that I don’t burn too much time – am all for extended experiences but I prefer to break them up in the public space rather than burning potions and the like for over an hour – trust me, it’s not the unwillingness to play for hours, it’s the whole husband and kids thing. There’s always someone that comes in after x hours and asks if I can do y.

And as for the raid – I’ll see for myself. I don’t care for lots of puzzles and it adds a lot of stand around time for some and extended raid time for others. I’m not keen on another 2+ hour experience that ends in failure. Failure is okay; you learn from it. But I rather have it happen after 30 minutes than 1.5 hours. I’ve done both and one is like a shrug and doing it tomorrow. The other is like pft – screw this boring stuff. Again – when you have limited time you start trying to squeeze something better out of it. So the good thing about being somewhat oblivious about it is that I now can form a better opinion by experiencing it. The bad part is that I’m going in face first – like so many others. Whatever is the case it’s good that I’m getting my DDO pants on because I’ve been slow burning content and ready to jump back in.

In the case of World of Tanks I feel done. When you’re tier 8 you end up in tier 10 games a lot and those are just full of stupid. If it’s not a bunch of people steamrolling flanks with high DPS it’s a bunch of idiots getting blunted doing the same but stupidly. Like the other day when I had 4-5 teams leaving one flank weak and moved everything another just to stop, do the whole peek and snipe and get stomped. After 2 times it gets very boring – especially since you see what’s going on, you know the problem and playing a match for 10 minutes knowing the outcome other makes you want to plow your tank into a lake and be done with it or just run right into a bunch of enemy tanks and let them get one for free.

And once you start feeling like that you need you’re about done. It’s the same problem, visibility, high dps and the idea that armor is near worthless. It gets played over in every match where bad players get pitched against good. The outcome writes itself. So I’m not entirely sure I even want to run out 17 days of premium. Maybe DDO will be so good once I get back in this weekend (release March 10th) and that’ll be it. Sometimes you cut your losses, count your blessings and realize that while you ‘wasted’ something you saved your sanity.

Plus it’s time to take advantage of VON 3 daily runs before patch 21 puts a hatchet to its XP.


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