Crawling to 24, leaving 14 behind

I hit 21 doing Von 3 on EH and a short quest out of Red Fen. That was 212k worth of XP in one final spectacular extravagant XPgasm. Once patch 21 hits, no more. Then I started doing your Red Fen, your House D and assorted quests and while doing the first Motu quests I hit 23. So now I can use my fully upgraded needle and I’m slowly getting gear into place. I stopped using Fury and started using Draconic instead. The DPS for the crossbow wasn’t all there and I figured it was better to have a few more solid acid attacks. At least until I can get my fire gear on and retool to that. That’s the dilemma I face with my Arti; back in the day they could pick from any type of spell power line – which made sense since there was all these different rune arms (spell power boost rune arm damage). So acid made sense since the acid ones turn out to be better.

But with the change in the enhancement system force, fire and shock was baked into the only spell power boosting like for the Arti’s and everything else was dropped. Making acid the best rune arm but not boosted by any enhancement. During the test of the system Turbine said they would do something about it, but as we know that’s not reliable. There’s very unlikely Turbine will do anything about since there are new shinies to come up with. So the Arti pet still floats after climbing ladders and there’s no Acid line. Right now I use fully upgraded boots and as soon as 27 hits I’ll use the goggles with fire lore and fire spell power and switch over to all force rune arm. The same dilemma still applies; no good rune arm to boost stuff with since there are no decent items to boost force with unless you’re willing to give up the rune arm or repeater. In other words you can find all type of spell power boosting items outside force, but none that boosts exclusively force for both lore and spell power. There used to be with helmets – adding things like spell power. But since the latest xpack they blew those away and gave us the mass of boring deadly of whatever items instead.

But that’s what it is and I’m using subpar power of acid and eventually will stitch together something for force, but it’ll never be a good compromise and my Arti will fall behind power wise. Unlike if there was an Arti acid enhancement line.

As for World of Tanks – Good bye. I’m done. After a weekend with terrible teams, one worse than the other – losing 5-7 times in a row for 1 win – it’s time to cut the losses and let this beast sink. I was dumb enough to give them money again and I should really never reward things that just get worse, but it’s done and it’s time to move on. It’s okay – I had some fun but ultimately it’s idiotic to reward a company for a poor experience, because you can be sure that the people who considered it to be just fine are not spending that much money, so be it if it’s broken.

14 days left of premium, and I had it. 24 on it’s way in DDO and I hope to hit 28 by the 10th so I can raid. Time to turn the page and continue renewed.


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