Seeing the end of the yellow brick road

No, I ain’t quitting. But another era comes to an end – VON 3. At least the era that landed a gob of XP at the end. It’ll still be okay, but not that large pile to swim in. Pity really; like so much ETRing is a beast. Early levels are quick but later ones are a bore. Partly because meh quests and mostly because 1 level is like hitting 3 upper heroic. You can feel it. Supposedly the XP is increasing in those quests but ‘those’ quests are also not that fun.

I like VON 3 – I’ve become somewhat of a expert in navigating it as quickly as possible. It’s like a dance where every return adds some refinements. The buffs too you, when to shrine the spells to use in each room. If you ask me to map it out of memory it would be good enough for you to get the blow by blow down to a tee.

I like it. I like the fact that some rare encounters are random. I like the layout. I like the secret stuff (hey pro tip – you know the cave to the left before you fall down to the geyser – now there’s a secret to discover without the cheesy change to search and true seeing. I wish that was the design choice Turbine made instead of the one where true seeing just didn’t find everything – now some need to be found through searching. Why is that dumb you ask?

Have you ever done that scorpion quest in Red Fen? You know right after the first boss encounter and the 2 other fire giants? Where you can take the hidden entrance to left, hidden straight forward that opens the gate to the right? The one with 2 trap boxes? You know that one can be seen with true seeing and one has to be searched? Yeah. Like that. They’re next to each other. But whomever bothered to hide it one way told himself – you know would be even trickier? Lets hide the other super super extra much. In case someone goes – hey why not take the easier one to find (true vision) and not have to wander down the path that can be unlocked with the super super hidden one that takes you through a gauntlet of fire?

That’s right; the easier way to find a hidden door takes you through the none burnt to a crisp corridor. The super extra hidden one takes you the other way. Oh, but that’s to turn it off you say. True – but if you can find the other one easier then why even bother worrying about fire corridor of death?

In other words – that was before anyone gave a hoot about splitting one way of secret doors into two and then murder logic by making a ‘split’. Why did they have to do it? Because of haunted halls they said – finding a problem they didn’t need a solution. Kinda like poison. Sure – it does cut down on having to actually design clever things. Like that cave to the left that no one would think of unless they were exploring or someone told them. That’s the stuff that would make me go looking. Now all I need is my Arti, maximize search and put on true seeing and none of this is any harder than it was before the change, thus making the idea of ‘exploring’ to find those hidden stuff inconsequential. Sure, people without search gets shafted but just like with poison, you add a layer that most people will simply skip and other classes will still find with ease. Again – a solution to a problem that was never there and a solution without much meaning.

So VONs 3 good XP is going away, other quests get a boost. Fair enough – these changes happen. Personally I want to hit 26-27 this week so I can be ready for the raids this Monday. True, I have plenty of high level toons, but I sorta like to do it on my Arti for self healing and self buffing. It’s a great class to use when you’re learning something new since it’s so self sufficient. So that’s the goal, a final few more VON 3s until the new dawn and then exploring new possibilities and venues. It might near night, but tomorrow always comes.


One thought on “Seeing the end of the yellow brick road

  1. Luedwig

    I always lay in wait for the giant to walk up to me and then stun him before he can turn to run for the switch. The BIG surprise came when I went the other way and bored started texting while I waited for the two giants to make their way up to me. My mistake. They ran up and activated their own fire jets. Lol I saw the flash too late but wow! funny… Even funnier when the Guildy finally zoned in and found me. 😉


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