Shroud, still king

My ranger have used a con op helmet for Gosh knows how long – it’s been a great addition and had him survive many travails – one being fairly self-sufficient in raids and such. But it’s a helmet spot and I could see myself using either the dragon mask thingy from one of the raids or the black dragon helmet for the set bonus. And there’s no great way around it unless I felt like switching around stuff.

I haven’t played my ranger in a while, so even at 28 he’s like xpack 28. For most part I play my bladeforged arti – but he’s good enough for the new raids. So when I checked his gear it was a mishmash of some named items, some random stuff and tons of things that could be upgraded. Like the goggles. And thus another con op was born. Goggles – slightly the same as the other ones, but instead of +5 Will, +10 HP, fear immunity and Major healing lore (translated to something like 16% heal crit chance). So a little bit more HP and the same versatility as before. And now I use the black dragon helmet instead for the time being. I like the setup – It’s a good way of getting a trickle of SP now and then – enough to keep him at full SP and to do the regular stuff while using cocoon. And with the black dragon helmet that means slightly more double strike with a little bit more ranged damage. My hope is also to finally unlock the planar – and allow myself to switch out my redfen combo for something better. Like maintaining the healing lore and adding more strength and such for gloves.

On the new weapon front I’m kinda miffed that there are so few choices. In reality it seems that most people are going for first degree burn, the edge and finally the one that adds force damage.
1st Degree Burns: On Hit: Applies a stack of Vulnerable (1% more damage for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 20 times, and loses one stack on expiration.) This effect may only occur on-hit once every two seconds. Also 5 to 30 Fire Damage.
Dragon’s Edge: Passive: Armor-Piercing 35%. On Crit: 33 to 105 Bleeding Damage.
Mortal Fear: On Hit: 8 to 64 Force Damage. In addition, 5% chance to cut non-boss foe’s current health in half.
Sure, there are a few other combos, but this seems to be the best for something like the scimitars.
I’m strongly considering this for a scimi, same for a bow and a slightly different setup for possibly a khopesh or another scimi.

It makes sense if you have enough armor piercing that will stack with vulnerable. And this is especially good when killing stuff with lots of fortification, like portals, skellies etc. But it’s still not that many choices. They’d be making all of us really happy if they created a GS2 system for items. An updated diverse system that made it possible to deck out every slot. It would take forever to finish but they would bring back lots of people and keep us going for years to come.


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