Raidin’ – goal achieved

I’m starting to raid everyday now. At least I try. FoT for heroic comms (I don’t mind doing citw but the experience always feels so unrewarding). And of course 1 or 2 of the new raids. I try to switch around which toon does what, but the reality is that I need more on some and less on others. That’s the curse of BTC stuff and I’m not a strong fan of that. BTC is fine enough on raid items. That’s okay; but mats, no. Personally I can’t figure out what’s wrong with raiding with specific kind of toons for mats so it benefits others. I say this because time is time (an argument I’ve done before) and the whole reason why we have the hamster wheel is to spend time in it. So if I get all mats on a few guys to benefit others it’s the same amount of time spent regardless. That type of flexibility would be rewarding.

In fact what makes the whole argument for BTC so wonky is that so many other (better) stuff is BTA or bound on equip. Like all the haunted hall stuff. And the material used to unlock stuff with is unbound. And that’s true with other things; like the EN, EH and EE stuff. But for some reason the soul mat in the new raids are BTC like shards are in Shroud. I never got that. And I never will. Remember the challenge mat from Eveningstar challenges? BTC until they finally made it BTA. By then most people gave up on running it. Partly because the challenges are boring, tedious, provide piddly amount of material and the initial amount needed to do anything required a pile of BTC material. Way to go killing that challenge. Meanwhile I still do Cannith ones – those items are still good and the challenges rewarding. I wish I had more toons able to do that but with a cap of 25 it makes it hard to do. Just the other week I finally fully upgraded a cloak for my Arti – well worth the effort.

Strictly put; you can tell when Turbine gets it right. And abysmally wrong. I’m still waiting for them to make comm of valor BTA. I know they created a way to make some material BTA for the purpose of making Epic hearts, but seriously. Why do we even need it to be BTC? The answer we got was – well – we’d like to be able to use valor for other things. Currently turn in for some potions and stuff. And now a mat for upgrading the new raid weapons. But BTC? I mean all ingots and scales are unbound. So the argument to make Valor some kind of bound material seems wonky. In fact the whole idea is wonky. At least with the new bound on equip you can still sell them on the SAH. Sure, it’ll be bound to whomever buys it (if it was previously equipped) but it’s been a simple way for me to get rid of some equipped gear for cheap. Like several quivers that got equipped by mistake when I already had one. Simple, sell for a low amount of shards.

If I had a chance to re-design the binding of loot I’d make most of the stuff either unbound or BTA with some special stuff bound. Like tier 3 upgrades. That’s how they got the pirate stuff from Crystal Cove right. It’s BTA until you tier 3 it, then it becomes bound. Good. In fact I wish they didn’t do it even then since I like to have less bound gear since so much of it is temporary through leveling. In fact my argument have always been that everything below level 20 should be unbound or BTA – all of it and above BTA or BTC for raid items only. Everything else unbound or BTA. I don’t have a conspiracy notion about how Turbine wants us to fill up mules with garbage or how it’s a particular business calculation for people to keep making lots of toons, but for me it’s about time. And screw ‘logic’ in all cases – as long as it’s about making people play it’s a matter of doing what’s best for the longevity of the game.

Plus another benefit of BTA and maybe a upgrade path (like I’ve talked about before) is that it removes the glut of items in the game and make people spend more time upgrading them – setting goals and running content to do it. That’s a good thing. Sure – there are those that make the argument that if everything but raid loot is BTA then no one would trade stuff THAT character can’t use. Maybe. but the reality is that if you had a few BTA below level 20 items (say the torc) you probably stop collecting them when you had a 1 or 2 spares for leveling and maybe 1 on certain characters. In fact BTC only promote hording – the – maybe I want to be a sorc in my next life? As suppose to, take it – I got one banked for a possible sorc life.

Trust me on this. BTC doesn’t make people more charitable, nor will BTA make people more greedy.


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