The gold version of a festival you pay for

I’ve always thought most festivals were free. Except drinks and cavorting. But as far as I can tell you don’t pay for Risia (if you don’t mind the walk back to the starting point), and Crystal Cove is free (unless you want more stuff and a tele back to the foreman) and the same with Mabar (unless you want to drink that nasty brew that make you get a little something something for killing stuff).

Not this years traveler. Sure, there will be a free coupon per account per server. So whatever lucky dude that enters it get 3 free (or something). But not like before when you recieved 5 or was it 10(?) and 1 free blessing just to get you going. And given the nature of our current loot you’d be spending Gold to pull a bunch of ghostbanes with whatever disappointing blessing. Like the previous years supreme ability potions or the year after that – teleportation rods.

I get it, Turbine wants to make a profit. But in previous years I actually spent some gold after I ran out of the free stuff. I just don’t see myself doing it this year unless some people start pulling terrific blessing gifts. I could do this on one of my alts – one of the mules that might be carrying a bunch of tokens, but do I really want to confirm to myself that ‘yup – ghostbaned supreme ability potion’ again.

Sorry Turbine; but this is a festival I won’t be joining. The admission fee seems a little bit grinchie.


So I logged onto a level 13 fighter, gave him the 100 gold jump from House of P, bought a cheap belt of springing +13 and turned on ‘runnin’ fast in public’ house of P pendant. after 1 or 2 mistrials I got an ultimate ultimate aura, turned in the free blessing he had saved from Gosh know when and it spit back BTA sovereign pots. Okay; now THAT is good. So I bought a few blessings just to make sure and on my second try I received greater healing potions. So word of advice; you’re most likely going to get healing pots. That’s my guess. And the sovereign XP is probably a high roll. Was it worth it? Getting plural XP pots that cost 595 or something for the cost of nothing; no – but in reality it boils down to how many blessings you have to spend to get a few. The for profit version might break you even, might, but you might also end up with a bunch of healing you’d never use anyways.


One thought on “The gold version of a festival you pay for

  1. erdrique

    I agree, I think I’ll just be using up my older tokens this time around. I was surprised to see that we didn’t get the free tokens per character like in previous years.


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