Choppy seconds, now King

In the beginning blitz was always second best. Like the Fury’s and Shiradi’s ugly cousin. A bucket of meh, pretty square and never the prom king. That was back after launch when I think it was judged by the fact that it was near impossible maintaining the stack because there was always some trigger happy caster nailing the last 2 HP. They still do btw, for no other reason than shooting at anything that moves.

But now adays a ‘blitzer’ is almost synonymous with back in the day when people called for ‘heavy dps’. Like the early shroud runs; where 1 ranger or monk was enough and 2 healers including 1 or 2 sorcs and the rest ‘heavy dps’ was on the menu. And by heavy we’re talking fully enraged Barb followed by choppy seconds (fighter) sporting MinII as gold standard followed by long arguments about the DPS of LiII vs MinII. Today the blitzer is king; a fast swinging HPbag throwing the citw greataxe around, cleaving, greater cleaving or whatever else he can swing – scoring from low 800s up to 3k, in what can only be seen as a furious dance where the 10 stack needs to be maintained and should never expire.

Another thing you’ll notice is that those other stuff – like Monk and Rangers are now the mainstay of many raids and quests. Now with even more many arrow and Fury. Add evasion and maybe a splash of Paladin and you have the equivalent of American Idol, churning out a seamless blend of easy DPS with little or no distinction. Gone are the HPbags with 2 handed widow-makers. Gone are the heavily armored, fully bearded and enraged muscle stacks. Gone are SP sponges that knew the cleave combo buttons like the back of their 2 hands. But born is the blitzers followed by a sea of Monk linebackers, sprinkled with Clonks, battleclerics and Favored Souls and Shiradi casters throwing anything around for that 7% proc chance. Even boulders.


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