Save your blessings

I ran the festival a few times, first I used a ‘free’ blessing I had saved on one of my experiments for years. 10 x Sovereign XP pots. I figure that had to be a high roll but it’s certainly not bad. Then I used the free token coupon, bought 5 more and used it on my high level ranger. The result was 4 straight 10 x Gold Greater healing potions. Then I threw the last blessing in the bank and let my experiment finish off the last one; 1 more 10 x Gold Greater healing. I get that there has to be a jumbo price. And I’m sure some see a value in healing potions. Healing potions you can buy a 100 for 500 something. I got 50 for 1000. Again, you should never expect to make out big on something like this. But without a free blessing or even tokens this event is pure profit (well except for the 3 free tokens per account). Granted – the previous events gave us the jumbo price of Supreme ability potions (for 2 events I think) and when it was first introduced it was teleportation rods (I still have most of those gathering dust on a mule.

But with such a wide spread between jumbo and something better it’s not a very good system. Maybe I just didn’t get lucky? With such a poor random spread it’s a little bit more than just not getting ‘lucky’. So I blew 1000 points but at least got my moneys worth on the XP potions. And hopefully someone is a little bit more ‘luckier’ than me.

I spent most of the evening doing one thing; running Haunted halls on my healer. And it was a ride for sure – my hope was to pull some of the named items but got frustrated over the fact that my Level 28 healer, with max possible Wisdom and +5 DC items (along with +2 DC augment and feats etc) still couldn’t nail ghosts and such from evading the attacks. And this was on EN. I find that kind of idiocy frustrating. It wasn’t like it was 20-30% of the time, since I don’t expect a perfect hit record, no it was 70-80 percent of the time with most of the other time half damage from reflex save. In fact implosions didn’t work at all. On anything. Neither did destruction. Or comet fall. Heck, energy vortex saw tons of saves and the same with energy bursts. That type of nonsense always gets to me and it’s a reflection of the incredibly wonky CR on critters that make their attacks almost automatic and yours incredibly hard to land. Unless you specialize on something. I don’t expect a perfect record on EH or EE – I think it should be achievable with a 75% success rate for someone that have TR’d 3 times in the appropriate stuff and maximize feats with gear. But having max wisdom, with lots of feats and gear should be almost perfect on EN (not to mention the fact that I have a few TR’s and such as well).

And no wonder why we get the absurd red named with 50-60k HP on normal (like the giant in trackers) or the HP bag out of the new wilderness. Or these regular ghosts and such out of this quests with completely untouchable saves. Because underneath it all the critters are not created for specific conditions – they’re given a CR, an attack pattern and then inflated for EH and EE. I also find the giant skeleton encounter stupid. Not the fight, nor the fact that you have to put the spear back. That’s alright; but that the guardians almost auto agro on you despite other stuff around and it takes 1 tiny hit to stop the progress of what you’re doing. I’ve found that tedious in regards to other things too, like unlocking something. I mean I can’t disturb anything a enemy critters do for the life of me. Like stopping a shooter from setting up a poisonous trap at their feat. It’ll complete it’s task. Or put down a bomb or any other thing. In fact unless Turbine specifically create a process that can be interrupted nothing a player does will change any given special attack. But it takes a tiny little 1 HP damage tap from an enemy to disrupt whatever you’re doing including forcing someone to make a concentration check for spellcasts done without quicken.

Cheesy stuff like that always bugs me. because you know it’s a load of crock. And we know it’s a load of crock because other games do it the right way. These save inflation are artifacts from lousy mechanics and lack of interest in adding sensible AI and features. So the computer cheats for lack of better words. Does it make sense that a skeleton ranged can evade attacks that much better than say what seems to be a melee? I say no, because all of the players are suppose to be heroes, not just your average run of the mill soldier like those ranged or fighters. I mean their red names are the equivalent of we players. So having a bunch of ghosts or skeleton ranged with super evasion, higher than regular hero players seems idiotic. and that’s the point out of most games; you’re suppose to feel like a hero, someone extremely skilled at your craft. And being bested by a bunch of skeletons feels anti climactic. Again, I get it on EE – but on EN? Please.

I like haunted. I do. A little bit long and the end fight with the dragon is an abysmal HP bag drag. But I guess it should be. Kind of like how Miior feels like 5 minutes too long because of the idiotic mechanic of hitting it, then run in circles letting the stack expire, then hitting it etc. It’s not more challenging because of the silly electric damage. You could easily shorten this encounter and still get the point across. Yes – you have to smack, then let the stack expire. Got it. Having that last for 10-15 minutes is not a challenge. It’s a bore. In a way the first encounter is perfect (doppleganger). I few hitting those statues, examining statues to find out who the doppleganger is and then finally killing it. You get the idea and it’s not one long stupid fight.

And the giant skeleton would be better if the time it takes to pull the spear out was based on strength and not apparently ‘unlocking’ it. And that there was a way of keep doing it despite getting hit. As I mentioned about, the tap and interrupt is dumb and it’s there instead of a much better common sense mechanic.

The Mummy seems okay, even tho it’s another HP bag. It takes fire damage, and my healer got fire damage galore with fire energy vortex and fire dragon breath and fire energy burst. Along with comet fall and whatever else. And it still took forever. HP bags are silly. It didn’t feel at all frantic for me to keep dotting it, dropping blade barriers and using as much fire as possible. If anything it felt stupid to drop over 3k worth of SP just to keep doing the same thing over and over (like with the EN giant in tracker). Lazy mechanics instead of challenges.

But having said all that this quest is good. Sure, it has way to many HPbag encounters with some really silly mechanics, but it’s different, you can soak over an hour looking through the entire thing and in the end you can find a few nice items.


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