Hitting 28, by finishing the Shadow raid and 3 other quests in little over an hour

It’s true. I did. Breaking the ranks, the other quest in the glacier where you help the giant and to finish it off thorn and paw. I was on my Sorc. I asked to join the Shadow dragon raid, didn’t hear anything back – got buffed and teleported to Eveningstar. And boom, I dinged in and suddenly were in a almost full raid. I asked where they were and they were at the end fight. So I ran in, circumnavigated the first 2 mirror puzzles, passed through the portal puzzle and followed the instructed perfectly (someone else didn’t do so well), the next 2 mirror puzzles, the next special puzzle (the fight on the tower) and then the final mirror puzzles getting to the shrine room just as they destroyed her soul container – I basically entered the end fight as they were about to smite her in the middle. The first try didn’t go so well, no one were on the levers, but since I was almost at full SP I could unload all kind of goodies and we eventually got her the second time. So 10 minutes or so and I got the soul, scales and ingots. I felt ashamed just how easy that was. To be fair tho I wasted several hours with my Arti this weekend as they didn’t know how to do puzzles, took extra long with mirrors and an abysmal end fight. I joined the same group later doing the fire dragons and we failed big time. No one seemed to control the trash or keep the dragons well apart. So this 10 minutes were the karma equivalence of being a good trooper.

After that I did a quick romp through 2 Stormhorn quests – it was fast since I was on Shiradi for once and I love how AOEs like acid cloud and such can proc it. And with 5-6 minutes to spare I noticed that I had a sliver left to hit 28 so I did a quick thorn and paw for the finish.

So now I’m sporting my level 28 stuff and can concentrate on doing the new raids and such. I’m fairly clear at what I want to do. 1 scepter and 1 orb. 150 in acid, with +6 conjuration and acid lore 22%. I will put a 138 glaciation in the augment slot. The orb will be 150 impulse, +7 spell pen and Universal spell lore 18%. That way the impulse and glaciation share 18% crit chance while the acid get 22%. And it leaves me with an open augment slot for some other fun. I’m also wondering if I want to make the shadow armor. It means breaking up my flawless blue setup. I’m going to have to think about it – it’s not like I won’t have to run these raids a bazillion times in order to get enough for all my guys.

But that’s a worry for another time – now I’m just doing things as often as I can and maybe suddenly I’ll have everything I need without realizing.


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