New plans

I did the two red dragons raid on my sorc and realized a very painful thing – altho It was EH it was way above my toon to handle. First and foremost because it doesn’t have enough HP – altho that’s more a question about adding some. But more important because it’s a fleshie and scroll healing is a pain. And I made the mistake to twist in coocoon instead of the extra DC which means some of my attacks landed flat.

Some of it had to do with those painful fire attacks – I’m sure a 50% fire energy sheat could handle that, or at the least a better absorb item. So while some were more a question of equipment I realized that this quest required competent self healing and the 2 tools I had – coocoon and scrolls, were not enough. I pride myself on my ability to handle things on my own and this setup was not working. Which lead me to once more thinking about bladeforged.

It worked ‘fine’ with my Arti eventho it was hardly the most ideal – especially since it came with a negative to dex. But the spell like reconstruct makes up for it and ideals since it saves a spell slot. And that’s why it would work so nicely with sorc. Bladeforget gets plus to con and negative to wisdom and dex. That in itself would only be bad for anyone that need dex and wisdom. And since bladeforged don’t have a negative to charisma like warforged do, it’s ideal for a sorc build with the spell slot saving spell like reconstruct ability.

The ‘slight’ negative is a loss of some charisma, mainly because human racial enhancement tree allows you to pick any stat point, where as Bladeforged can only pick con. Another difference is that right now my human sorc only have a few points invested in the racial tree, whereas the bladeforged will need a few more – namely enough to get the reconstruct. That means that I have to switch things around in the water savant 3 – and that’s alright. It’s possible that I might even go to fire savant instead but that cold damage is pretty nice againt the fire dragons and it seems that there will be more limitations doing fire as secondary than cold.

The charisma portion is a simple fix; I can either live with 1 less as it won’t spell doom or use draconic instead and add an extra charisma and live with less of something else. Or I could decide to skip a twist of something and get that one additional charisma. But that trade off is worse; right now I use energy burst (on Shiradi), the extra conjuration DC from magister and the 10% spell points from the divine. That’s a hard thing to give up for 1 more in charisma. To me it sounds like I should lower some of the added features for water savant – enough to get the 2 points of Charisma from the tree (like now) but skip on something else. Because the reality is that I don’t use cold spells all that much since acid works so well on most things. And as Shiradi the main is still force.

There are also other things I need to keep in mind, like on the gear side. The big difference is armor. There are few really good docents and I need to make sure I maintain equipment parity. I’m using the flawless blue dragon armor and that can be replaced with a similar docent. But for the early epic levels it’ll be hard to find the equivalent docent. One could be the Diabolist docent. I think I have the stuff for it. That would give me conjuration and a summon clicky. Add some fort and it’s good to go. On the ring side I created a few spell focus rings, but I definitely need a ring of the master in one of the slot. It’s hard to argue against that much repair and lore plus SP. Id love to get the ring out of EPic carnival, the one that give you lots of elemental spell power, but in all my years that I have ran the quest I’ve yet to see the seal even once.

Ultimately I’m hoping to be able to push a minimum of 700 HP with a solid ability for self healing. Sure – it won’t be like a palemaster type caster but it will at least me a lot more solid than my current fleshie sorc. And while I’m at it I need to make sure I have a bunch of absorb things on me so I don’t turn into crisp while buffing. That’s a bummer right there.

On a last note; I’m still thinking really long and hard about what I want for my new weapons. I’m thinking I want to do the caster one first since the other items are fairly good right now. Plus the caster ones would give him a premium push, whereas doing a bunch of scimis and a bow for my ranger would be a slight upgrade (he’s using the citw stuff and that better crit chance makes a big difference in DPS). As my current thinking goes I’ll complete my acid one first – no need to try to get tier 2 on two things when I don’t know if I’ll stay on Shiradi or not. That means 150 acid spell power, +6 conjuration and 22% acid lore. With glaciation (most likely) slotted. Meanwhile I might see if I can’t get my hands on a libram, that would get my Charisma back up a speck and provide additional spell lore. The issue here is cold lore. If I go with this setup I will have 24% acid lore (from gear), 20% force (sage bracers, 20 and the libram 2) and only additional 2 for cold. If I go with a thunder orb or scepter that adds 150 impulse, +7 spell pen and 18% universal spell lore I can skip the bracers for something better and I’ll be covered for everything else (at least 18%).

It’s hard to argue for the libram over a impulse item at that point. Or I could do a staff. Like 150 acid spell power, slot impulse and cold (138 for both since 2 handed items get an extra red augment slot), +6 conjuration and Universal spell lore. I would crit slightly less but I’d have an extra DC because of the staff as a result. It’s tempting, either way I’ll have quite a while before I get there since it’ll be quite some time before I have 1 at tier 3, let alone 2. Which sorta speaks for the staff 🙂


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