19 – conquering the storm horn

There are a few wilderness romps that can be done fairly easy and within 30 or so minutes. Like macabre – sure – my first few romps took be 45 minutes to an hour, but knowing where things spawns and hitting all explorers cuts that down significantly. Then you have Vale – that one can be a little dislocated, but if you try to do things while going to quests you can start with the bridge area and spiders, go to the Rainbow side, follow Gnoll and do Sacrifice. Then as you’re about to do Running and Coal you first clear to Running, then back to Coal for the shrine and now you can do Running.

Again – since some of the stuff is in the lake you end up going a little bit back and forth.

Shavarth is actually simple – it’s like a circle. Most of the stuff including rare spawns are located on the outer edge of the circle. There are a few things sorta in the middle but it’s easy to get to. This can be done in about 30. Heroic Wheelon and Stormhorns is a little bit different. There’s no strict pattern other than going to quests, kill everything on the way and maybe find some letters (or whatever they are). With slayer and such you’ll get a good portion of XP by the time you find the resting areas (Stormhorn) and entrances inside the prison (wheelon). After you have done everything it’s easy enough to get back to most of the quests. Stormhorn will require some running unless you want to pay shards but the Wheelon is a little better once you’ve done the end quest requiring a minimum of running to get to the entrances.

So for about 30-45 minutes a run you can net a pretty good sum of XP and most of the quest will net you everything from 20-40k – Vale being very good XP per minute with a good group or even soloing. Wheelon have a few faster quests and Stormhorn ones are not super bad – landing something in the middle.

Then fun part about the caravan Stormhorn quest is that I’ve figured out how to let the Harpies do it for you. I’m a curious sort so when I noticed this landbridge splitting the canyon I decided to waste a few minutes running over there – maybe it was this really good rare. And lo and behold – a Harpy mother and her nest. So I ‘convinced’ her by slapping her around and she runs off and does something. Meanwhile I double back, drop down and take care of the arriving caravans. That was a few ones ago – the last time I did it I noticed that as I was clearing the overpass from snipers (for extra XP) while heading towards the camp after clearing – the general had already arrived. I guess he does if all the stuff is killed in the camp – the result was that by the time I hit him he was down to 50 or so percent HP – all done by Harpies.

So this time I took it easy – clearing all snipers after I was done and just as I got closer to the camp nailing a few more snipers the general fell without me having to do anything. They harpy mother had done it for me. This was on Heroic hard and I was smart enough to have voice on. That leaves me 3 bubbles from 20 and all Shavarath, dreaming and 3 more Stormhorn to do which should be plenty if I want too. I’m looking forward to hitting epic, get some of my good gear going and load up a destiny for some extra POWAH! My hope is to be right up there by the end of the weak, taking my welloiled Sorc into raids and succeed where I failed before.


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