Almost 19

I started at 15 (Bladeforged Sorc) did the regular swoop of quests between 15-17 including (including the ones in Eveningstar except harper) with a minimum of hard, elite when I group with others. And it really flies when you hit a stride. Especially with really good people. Of course 1 pug is not exactly as good as the other. I did running and Coalescence with a group – no dedicated healers. Now I did good – except for the other sorc who kept using something that removed all my CC spells. Very annoying. But most stuff landed well and while we did skip the Devil alt, we managed to finish it all, slightly bruised and somewhat dead. In fact – no bragging here – had it not been for my sorc we would’ve wiped and one part. I find the earth savant grab pretty good. With a good DC you can grap and hold most opponents. I was worried that it wouldn’t work on Elite but it did – then again I’ve boosted out the wazoo so when they land they land good. My web works fine too. Drop one and a cloud kill ontop and you got lots of pain going on. I use it fairly often and it’s a good way to lower opponent HP and then smack them with a earth savant acid burst. It’s a reliable 500-700 HP hit – sure – stuff evades it, but for most part you hit at least with half. And the acid arrow is very reliable along with the assortment of other stuff.

Another pug took me to Monastery and prey – both on elite. Excellent group of people that were almost done with the puzzle parts by the time I got to any of them. Quick and reliable. Prey was a little slower – lots of running – but the grabs worked like a charm and while I didn’t have any fire spells the acid works nice too.

I’m right now done with the insane chain out of Twelve – level 17. That leaves me with a few more Vale runs to milk the XP some more (don’t all on either elite or hard). I also have the dream ones – level 18 and finally Storm horn for 19. I don’t know if that’s enough but I can always double up. Once on hard and once on normal if need be. Then the regular Epic stuff will take over. 21-25 should be fairly easy. With MOTU and all the Eberron Epics. My hope is to hit 26 fairly soon – say in a week or so (given time) so I can start doing all the raids again. The whole point with the Bladeforged sorc was always to be more independent when doing the new raids, so hopefully this pays off. I definitely need to make sure I have both con and HP stuff and that’ll take some better gear choices, but that spell like reconstruct will make a lot of difference and I might even pick reconstruct as a backup dependent on what my Level 9 spell setup will be.


One thought on “Almost 19

  1. erdrique

    I need to get back out to the Reaver’s Refuge…been a while since I have done anything out there :(. I tend to completely bypass that area but then again I haven’t made any iconics yet. Typically, by the time I hit levels 15 or so, I’m still finishing up the Desert, Gianthold, and Attack on Stormreach chains and then I’m generally really close to level 20.


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