Why we can’t have nice things

Here’s the thing. Right now mortal fear is the new Min 2, Li 2 beater. The thing you have to have. Pretty much. Just like Nightmare was nice bastardsword until the fixed it or Terror a nice niche greatsword until the made it possible on random stuff and pretty much broke the niche and made it a little bit too good. I was fine with this; altho we couldn’t have nice things we can all agree it was a little bit too much. And it’s not like Min 2 or Li 2 changed, it’s just that everyone wanted one just as most as far as I can see like mortal fear. Which means eventually everything will be red named or the feature change to have a save or something. Essentially breaking it.

But just as Turbine is contemplating strong destinies/builds the issue with Mortal Fear is not that it’s good – it’s just that everything else is kinda ‘sad’. Mind breaker? Who get that? A caster because why would a melee lower their dps just so that casters can hold better. Nice storm? Sounds like a caster item to me and why would a caster lower their lore crit chance when this should be a tier 1 or 2 feature instead. (see also fire storm). And given just how much it cost to make a tier 3 it’s not something you make for shit and giggles.

3rd degree burn seems okay, but potentially halving a critters SP and give them force damage or adding fire damage on vorpal with more stacks of vulnerability seems situational for say a second weapon. Or leg breaker. Really? You’d waste that much mats on a proc chance to be able to trip better (yes, 5% PROC). Crippling flame seems okay, a good contender as either almost a primary weapon but certainly strong second. However it’s fire damage on crit (trivial with the right weapon like scimis) and 5% for 2 neg levels. Now body breaker seems nice, but it’s a 5% chance for -5 sunder, it’s good for that outright insta kill (for Monks) but can it beat halving someones HP on the same proc chance?

Burning emptiness seems okay, fire damage with ticks on vorpal and negative damage on crit. Strong situation and secondary weapon. Draconic invigoration? Maybe for bards. As melee I don’t see a lot that are will to trade their main dps for something that might proc another use of a select few abilities.

The reality is that we’re not having a Min 2 or Li 2 debate with maybe a Vacuum 2/dust 2/earthgrab niche. We’re having a gold standard vs situational. And a very select few choices. And that’s a pity because with such a very narrow spectrum of choices the one sticking out will get it’s neck shaved. But hopefully that’ll be sorted out once I get there; right now I want to get my caster sticks done and I hope they don’t mess with those.


One thought on “Why we can’t have nice things

  1. erdrique

    Interesting perspective. I’ll have to take a closer look at the new weapon abilities, although it won’t my characters much at the moment, or any time soon, as I don’t have any characters in those level ranges to start gathering those new weapons. But I hope they don’t altar things too much.


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