DQ among others

28 means flagging and doing raids. I’m looking forward to it. Did the red dragons raid yesterday – EN – and other than stupid 800+ fire damage I managed to do well. But that didn’t stop me from starting on several items. Docent with profane DC, a scepter with impulse, +6 Evocation and universal spell lore 18%. That’ll be put together first. Mostly because it’ll allow me to stop using the sage necklace (+5 Evocation) and later on the sage bracers (20% kinetic lore). It will also allow me to stop using the Cannith challenge boots for acid lore. It’s about time.

The second will be an orb. Acid spell power, +6 Conjuration and Acid Lore 22%. I’ll add a glaciation 138 augment in there and it’ll get its crit chance from the universal spell lore. I figure the orb will work as a shield and add some elemental resist and I’ll get a diverse amount of things for a little this and a little bit of that. I wanted to make sure I had my 2 primary attacks at full spell power and the secondary and a close second. Impulse is not just magic missiles, but also Ruin (for a hefty 7k almost crit) and meteor storm. That helps not only my Shiradi casting but also easily draconic.

I’m also going to try solo DQ. We’re talking about heroic. I’d love to get my hands on a torq and if I can do something that that now and then I’ll hopefully see it on the 20th list. Torq might not be a lot, but it procs better than a con op, and my hope is to have both 1 con op, torc and the Halcyon boots so I can keep receiving SP while firing off my spell like abilities. It’s not perfect but it works and it’ll help in the long run when you’re in resource intense quests and raids. But I’m also interesting in the Haunted halls necklace. I like the idea of +4 insightful con. That will be very useful – pair it with a 10 con belt with +50 HP and you got gold.

I tell you one thing tho; The burning city is one boring romp and quest. I know people like that stuff, but you could add a teleporter to the city once you’re flagged or at least a shrine next to it instead of further away. And more importantly cut down on the length. There are some quests that just feels like doing the same thing over and over. Chain of flames is one of those. It get so boring. And of course having those shooters firing crippling arrows from above make things worse. I always disliked that type of lazy ‘challenge’. A few guildies used to run this quest very often for the seals and tokens; but I can’t stand it. After joining once and blowing over an hour doing it I was more then fed up for a lifetime on any toon. And that’s why I skipped the entire chain this life. I had it on my list but when I managed to get to a certain milestone in the leveling without it, I decided that it wasn’t going to be worth the time spent. And good – I just get so infernally tired of boring gauntlets like those 3 flaggings quests are. Wiz king – find the wiz, kill him. Oh by the way you’re running up corridor after corridor up towers with one ambush after another fighting everything from skellies (with crippling arrows, what else) to Mummies. If you don’t get the rot, you get crippled and you do that in room after room, maybe falling through floor and get ambushed some more. It’s trite. Now the layout is not bad, the entire pyramid feels like an entire undead area. But it’s the setup – the gauntlet you go through. With falling through floors and all that stupid nonsense that makes things frustrating.

Then Blood – I don’t mind blood, but once again it’s another gauntlet. With spawns chasing you, up endless corridors with rooms full of scorpion dudes and more corridors with, again – crippling Drows, scorpion dudes and scorpions. Luckily it’s not the longest quest, but it follows the same mold of gauntlet and ambush.

And finally – Chain of Flames. Go down, get key from red dude, go up, open door, find another key, open door, run upwards, through trap, rain of arrows in open, find key, kill red dude, open door, shrine, run upward, rain of arrows open area etc etc etc.

The most trite thing is that narrow bridge with an air jet pushing you, fire jests toasting you and more crippling arrow dudes from above. It’s intense but trite. It’s one of those ‘here’s one solution – enjoy the pain’. Just to go back, have the dude crush the stuff you found, let you do DQ 1, run out there, solve a puzzle, do stuff, then fight her and then finally do the raid. And once that’s done you can enjoy reflagging DQ 1 every single time you want to do raid.

I understand why most people don’t run it anymore. First – terrible flagging mechanism. They changed it for VON so I don’t know why they can’t do it for DQ. Second, terribly diluted loot table. You want one thing? Good luck pulling it and good luck getting all three items. I’d say by removing re-flagging and adjusting the drop rate plus adding a chance for heroic comm DQ would become popular again.

But since it isn’t anymore; I’m forced to try to solo the heroic version. Drat!

Perception is everything. Sometimes it’s a matter of basing ones perception on old experiences and other times it’s just assumptions. Like doing DQ2. On Heroic Normal. And thinking ‘this will be tough’. Reminds me of doing Subt some year ago as my Sorc was pretty much level 25 or above. Thinking ‘well this will be tough’. A romp later I had curb stomped everything and came out thinking that it’s easy to forget about stuff considering that my previous experience was back in the 20 is the cap days. Back then everyone avoided the living spells and you could get a serious beating from stuff in there. But that was when a good spell hit for 400-600 and most melee was in the 100-200 territory. Now 400-500 is the average while 1k+ are the crits (with spell like abilities and such) and destiny spells hits for 4-10k.

So there was a precedence set by previous experiences when doing DQ on a 20 something was a challenge. And as I entered with my level 28 sorc I had that back in my mind. Thinking when she gets into war mode she’ll run me over and use my head as a sword sharpener. But that never happened. I had to heal once – lost about 200 HP, I kept nailing everything around me with ease and on the second ruin the queen (who didn’t have the chance to do the snake and run over thing yet) fell dead from her ledge off the circle. Done and done. And there I stood dumbstruck by the idea that I had so overlooked the power factor of a 28 level sorc, firing off 1k+ hits and 4k to 8k ruins.

The real pain factor won’t be waiting 3 days and do the next raid. It’s re-flagging every time. I don’t feel like using a raid timer but I might have too since waiting 60 days or so for a 20th in a raid no one runs feels excessive. But at least even if I don’t raid time it, I know what I’m doing now and then. That doesn’t guarantee that the 20th will even provide a torq, but I can always hope.


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