The Master’s handslap

So I decided to make myself a Master’s gift xp augment – which requires a Voice of Master, the worldmaster (or whatever) cloak and 5 greater tokens. I had the tokens, thanks to several good Chrono runs (about the only one of the early Epic raids still going strong on Argo) and I had of course VoM. Because I love Delera’s. And what’s not to love about Delera’s? Not the best quest, but varied. Each entry a whole new ballgame and with skill and planning it’ll take you through a level at least on Elite. Plus good end rewards. Most importantly – for all that skellie bashing (and it gets a little tedious) it’s fairly quick if you know what you’re doing and the xp is so good that you don’t worry about the tedious parts.

Threnal is a whole different ballgame involving the most dreadful feature of all – escort mission. I hate them; in any game and especially if the NPC being escorted is as weak as they are in Threnal. You can tell them to stay (in the many mission you have to do it) but overall that won’t work everywhere and what makes this chain so frustrating in heroic and terrible in higher level (if you’re doing it for mats alone.

It’s not that the quests are long – some of them are no more then a bunch of encounters in caves. No it’s the escort combined with the terrible time sync they represent. Plus it’s unimaginative. Doing the same quest over and over with a slight change to what you’re doing. Like first killing monsters to give a guy explosives, then come back through the same area and escort him. The worst part is the mind draining 15 minutes of watching Coyle knocked out while you defeat slow wave after slow wave for exactly 15 minutes. Why not just wave after specific wave until it’s done?

This reminds me of another chain that some love and I feel more meh about – Tangleroot. Not that it’s a bad chain per say, but the missions are repetative and tedious. You’re basically doing the same mission over and over and just getting further into the fortress. Similar to Threnals 3 parts. 1 Mission takes you to x, then you need to escort and then you need to do another thing. Over and over.

Unlike Delera’s where you don’t repeat the same quest over and over. Sure; skellies everywhere, but you’re not going ‘deeper’ into the place until you hit a final encounter. Come to think of it, the 3 least liked chains by me (early levels) are Threnal, Sorrowdusk and Tangleroot. I do Tangleroot because there are few if any puzzles and no escorting. I sometimes do Sorrowdusk but I hate the idiotic divide of levels – where you might start at around 6-7 but you won’t be at 9 or 10 by the time it suddenly becomes 10. All 3 have in common the same silly function; repeating the same cave or dungeon several times. And that doesn’t make sense since why would you go in, kill some stuff, talk to dude and suddenly he says, oh, btw, prisoners – so you go in, release them and then he goes, oh you need to go back – kill these things. I mean why wouldn’t he just say, kill stuff, free prisoners, destroy leadership, find key from information and kick the tyrants arse. Done.

Threnal makes a ‘little’ bit more sense since you keep investigating but it feels lame to repeat the same area and more importantly escorting very frail soldiers and engineers.

At least when you finally escort someone in the high road – he’s capable enough of taking care of his own; mostly by making this super shield around him. Not so in Threnal. Anyways – I finally made it through, got my mantel, crunched it and VoM into an xp augment and now I don’t have to worry about remember to equip it when I ETR. Was it worth it? Yes – even the Threnal experience. But I rather rip the augment out and put it in something else in the future than redo Threnal again.


One thought on “The Master’s handslap

  1. erdrique

    Threnal is definitely repetitive but I have always enjoyed running it. However, the escort missions are annoying and I wish those would be changed in way or another. I just wish the Giant Caves were made pertinent to the story line and actually would give you House Phairlan favor as well as the quest for the War Blade. It would be nice to see that area turned into an adventure area as well.


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