Toons and their issues

I only have 42 chars, 1 slot open (43). Most of them are mules so my problem is of course that I horde stuff. And then have a hard time finding what I need if I decide to TR.
But there are of course some toons I actually play (more or less)

Staff Monk – not so much now since Turbine nerf’d how quivering palms work. So the backside of using staff (no stunning fist) is that quivering palm only work sporadically even with as much on the prevalent skill as possible. So I gave up on the experiment (25 – 2F/18M)
Rogue, very seldom. I noticed that once you hit Epic assassination becomes less and less useful where it matters. Partly because while you can snag regular trash now and then you won’t be impressing a red named boss while soloing. That makes for a very boring experience in my humble opinion (23)

Wiz – Mix arcane/pal WF – sometimes. Just a pain to unlock towards Shiradi. Ive done 2 off destiny leveling and never more. Turbine just removed all the fun by having you drag your eyeballs in sewage with that system. And the new off destiny karma leveling is even worse. And you kind of need to use Shiradi on a Wiz since they have fewer SP. (20)

Horc Fighter, not playing it as much since Turbine created so much end content skewed towards evasion and ranged, melee is a liability if you don’t want to unlock competent self healing. Plus armor means nothing now a days It only feels like a sponge in raids. I’d love to use it more but it is what it is. (26)

I use my BF Arti a lot, almost unlocked all destinies on him and it was dreadful – made him pure arti by blowing away the one level of paladin. Good gear and over all nice build. Acid based which is of course not the best way to play arti, but then acid or force based rune arms are the only ways to go. If Turbine nerfs the spell like reconstruct I’m probably putting him on the shelf and take a 6 month break; I don’t really feel like spending real money on an ability that someone change. (28)

Human Arti; currently trying to level back up after a ETR, used to be my crafter but since crafting is dead, I made him pure lightning based arti. It’s though considering that AOE based rune arms are crippled by Arti’s inability to break reflex saves, and when even zombies and swamp thingies including prone knock over critters saves for half damage, you sorta know something is broken. I just keep struggling trying to get all those AOEs to hit – maybe I need to do 3 evocation by triple TR as sorc but you shouldn’t have to do that to make your spells viable on EH. And that’s what is discouraging. (24)

I use my 2F/18R Ranger a lot. Perfect for the latest raids and I unlock enough for self healing and some nice fury damage. It’s alright if they change the fury shoot stuff – I get why but I’ll just use it less since going tempest on critters and not having good damage mitigation is not fun. There’s just something broken about melee outside blitzing. (28)

I also have a pure BF Paladin – a little bit better to use while blitzing compared to my horc, since he can always heal himself fairly good – but it’s the whole melee and bad damage mitigation again. He’s a sponge for incoming hits, and while he can miss fairly regularly on higher diffs, enemies never does. Makes for nothing more than healing yourself every third hit (28).

My Sorc is my mainstay, almost unlock all the relevant destinies and he’s a competent Shiradi and a great acid draconic. In fact I want to go back to draconic with him and just do Shiradi with my wiz. There’s something really satisfying about hitting 5-10k worth of acid damage and a few more ETR will provide more crit chance percentage for it. Of course I made him a BF pure sorc in order to get the spell like reconstruct and I really hope Turbine leaves that alone. I rather they made Monks uncentered for 20 seconds for using reconstruct since it makes no sense that a Monk that use Ki mostly for everything also heals themselves through ‘repair’.  (28)

Then there’s my first character – FvS with a few TR under his belt. It works nicely. I don’t feel like changing much on him since with the new sun bolt he can really add some massive amount of light damage. He’s well geared and can survive most things through self healing. It’s going to be interesting to figure out what I can make for him from the new raids and how that will complement the build. (28)

Then we have my 2 weapon fighter/tank that I shelved for now. Tanking is dead. Period. PRR is somewhat useful but AC is just plainly worthless. Melee as we know it just isn’t doing it. And even as a selfhealing half tank I end up running away from combat more than being in it – and that’s not ideal. (28)

Finally my Monk. Monks are good but it’s a pure horc monk. So none of that selfreconstructing, triple classed Monkchers. I seldom exploit superior builds just to make life super easy. He throws a mean punch, for sure, but as Monk goes he’s a light monk and not all that destructive. But as far as melee goes it’s really the only option compared to fighter. (28)



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