Another game you can skip

I played Dungeon Keeper when it first came out on PC back in the day. I do believe I played the second tho, but it was more of the same so I quickly tired of that one. That was eons ago in game years and earlier this year I found out that DK was back as a mobile game. You know the kind – F2P but with micro transactions.

Generally put (and we’re used to micro transactions) games that are made that way add time as a sink so that since things take so long you’ll be more motivated to spend money. DK is not an exception. You have your basic spend jewels to complete right away, buy boosts that increase everything from defense to offense to how much resources you mine and of course buying resources outright.

Imps builds everything (including upgrading), resources is required to upgrade stuff and summon minion and you can buy up to 6 minions using jewels – something you can mine (altho very slowly and there’s a finite number) or you can buy.

So I bought some – it was fun in the beginning. Until other dungeon keepers started attacking. At first I was like, man – there’s about nothing you can do to stop them. In fact you can’t stop them unless you buy a cave in – which protects your dungeon for x days. But that means spending money. Here’s the problem; other Dungeon Keepers take so much of your resources each time they attack. That’s how stupid the system is. So you can lose more resources in a day than you mine; so if you don’t have boosts running your screwed.

Worse is the fact that even with reinforced walls, enemies can still blow them up – many times either by blowing the same segment up several times or using the spell so many times that it increase in experience and get really powerful. It is of course super expensive for you as a player to upgrade reinforced walls and since there comes a point where they take more then you make, you can never really either afford to upgrade something or buy more reinforced walls.

Ontop of that there are flyers. They fly OVER walls inside a dungeon. I don’t know how that works but somehow these small dragons and ghosts just goes over walls and attacks anywhere. And you simply do not get enough defensive stuff to protect everything. So their flyers will destroy one thing and suddenly all their minions can spawn from that destroyed thing.

A popular tactic is therefore to either blow a hole in the wall or fly something into your dungeon and destroy things – and you can do jack.

In the last couple of days I’ve mined resources for 2-3 days suffering 1-2 dungeon attacks, all succesful and lost more resources than I’ve mined. In fact it’s fully possible for you to buy resources, then wait and the attacker is allowed to STEAL your resources that you used real money to buy. In other words EA is promoting a game where others can steal your money.

I’ve never come across a game like that and I feel so stupid for putting real money into it before I noticed this idiotic feature. If you don’t spend money you will never progress because this game actively make sure you cannot gain resources as quickly as someone steals them. And it comes to a time where it takes millions of something to upgrade anything and you lose over 100000 each time someone attacks while it’s easy to get infuriated over such blatant idiocy.

The company is saying that they’re thinking about balancing in game economy  but it’s a little bit too late for me. I rated this app as something people should avoid, It’s the game companies fault for putting together such an awful app and I really hope people stop buying from them. Play it for free, have the company support it and lose money – that might make them get of their arses and provide a gaming experience that doesn’t steal from gamers.


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