Antaraxias Heaven

It’s usually not part of my leveling from scratch to 20. Partly because you don’t need it now a days. Mostly because it’s out of the way in this remote location and there are 2 level 10 quests there set in a medium sized wilderness.

Personally I love the wilderness and it has some of the absolute coolest rare caves. Like one that can have a rare rust monster (I think), with green stuff hanging down and blue clear water pooling and running down from many crevasses. In fact it’s like a sun dried Arizona meet clear blue water and long bleached sandy beaches.

Ironically the 2 quests can be very challenging because those dwarves really hit hard. And at level It’s one of those quests that’ll keep you on your toes dependent on class/race. But as I mentioned, most of the time I don’t even go there – not until I need to unlock Kundarak Favor anyways. I used to do it more often in the past before the Lordmarch quests. It was the thing you crammed in-between sub 10’s (like Deleras) and above 10’s like Necro and GH.

1 quests is definitely nicer than the other. I’m not particularly fond of the mine one – where you have to clear 3 rooms, turn off 3 furnaces and finally kill the boss. It’s kind of boring and the design is not all that nice looking.

The second where you need to rescue this girl is much better looking. Inside this cave system with clear, blue water, many waterfalls and green things having down everywhere. It’s very nicely done with winding cave tunnels ending up in 2 huge caverns with mushrooms everywhere..

Another thing I like about this place is the sound – it’s hard to describe the music or whatever you call for it, but it fits the wilderness perfect. It’s atmospheric, not action – more like you’re exploring a wondrous island. I wish there were more quests there but as a whole it’s an hour romp doing 2 quests and get some wilderness slayer done. And it’s always on my list when I need favor.

2 thoughts on “Antaraxias Heaven

  1. erdrique

    Ataraxia’s Haven is a fun explorer zone. I usually always try to get in there because you can easily wrack up a decent amount of experience in the explorer zone in a relatively short amount of time. The quest Reclamation, the mine shaft one, can be really difficult and I love it when somebody doesn’t listen and just runs forward and falls down the pit to the bottom of the mineshaft and has to work their way back up. The scenery in Ataraxia’s is interesting, the canyons always remind me of the desert. The scrag caves with the seaweed hanging down is nice touch!!


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