Taking 3 steps back, to take 1 step forward and maybe a second if I feel like it

If you like that complicated subject, you’re definitely going to enjoy the explanation. So I TR my halfling rogue into a Shadar-kai and I realize right away that the gear is okay, but that I have slightly better ones to use. Or at least KNOW of better gear to use. But if you remove and replace one peace you end up with a ripple effect. See, the gear that you get with the Shadar-kai, just as the gear that you get with say the Morninglord or the Bladeforged, are complementary to that build.

Ensuring that you have your 25% run speed, your con 5 item, strength, wisdom etc or whatever needed to balance the stats of the toon. The whole idea is to basically provide you with whatever you’d need for a few levels without digging through your bank for something better. But what’s marginally okay might be scores better with the right gear. And when it comes to a rogue there’s nothing better than say the spare hand belt from Cannith challenges. Especially now when all the items ‘lost’ a level in the process, from 16 originally to 15. It’s almost like it was done to cater to Iconic classes.

But more importantly, you’re not forced to make BTC items in that case, since tier 3 for most part only add that crafting option but also binds the item. And the whole crafting option was really only useful for adding small things like featherfalling and lowering the ML a couple of notches.

You can still lower the ML, which is ideal if you’re going to use it for something else than iconic classes, but if you’re indeed wanting some excellent iconic starting gear there’s nothing better than a few of those Cannith crafting items.

Like pretty much everything.

The boots are excellent for a wellrounded arti, sorc or wiz. Adding good amount of Acid. The bracers are excellent for all classes, adding lightning blur and dodge. At 15 and only tier 2 it’s still BTA and excellent in tying you over until you hit 20. The trinket is excellent for anyone who need to fight constructs but it also add sonic spell power and lore – semi useful dependent on class.

The cloak is of course invaluable for anything related to fire spells but also adds absorb and protection to AC. And then there are the rings; the Ring of Master is an excellent ring for any Warforged, adding both repair and lore along with more SP. And the Ring of stalker adds everything a melee can need, both for sneak attack purposes but also manslayer – a ‘vorpal’ feature but for human sized critters., so excellent on most critters other than the big or animal like stuff (yes, works on Drow and Orcs alike).

A lot of this info is a repeat of other stuff I’ve posted, but it’s a good refresh since the gear is so useful.

Now there are some more useful items, like some of the weapons (dependent on class) and the Tunic but those do not get that new lower ML, so you still either have to unlock it completely and craft a lower ML on them OR wait until 16. For the rogue the rapier might actually be pretty good – but that depends on your build. The daggers that come with the Shadar-kai are definately not bad and by 16 you can start using envenomed blades.

Is the Tunic any good? Well I currently use black dragon light armor and it comes with armor piercing, haste guard and some additional temporary damage boost if you kill something. It’s good – the tunic adds lesser freezing ice, fire shield (cold) and for Monk enhanced Ki +1. The lesser freezing ice is actually pretty good – as it gives you a 5% chance to freeze something completely – it even works with bows. It all depends – personally the armor piercing is a better choice for rogues, but being able to encapsulate something in ice is very useful too.

But no matter how I do things one thing remains; I need to do challenges and a lot of them, Realizing that I noticed that if I wanted the belt, bracers and ring of stalker for my rogue I needed to do a bunch of different challenges. The palace is simple enough – most of the stuff can be either sneak attacked or beaten to a pulp – none which present a massive challenge for skirmishers, And the whirlattack makes clearing tough rooms a piece of cake (heck I even nailed the demon queen that way).

I also needed goblets and that’s a little trickier but at the same time easy enough with a good rogue (all those traps). Being able to assassinate that orange giant spider was fun and whirl smack all the bosses was easy enough too. Again, goblets turned out to be the least of my problems.

The caves are a little bit different; some of the items calls for island mats and there’s not many soloists that bothers with them. What you’re looking for is 10-15 minutes of pain keeping extractors up and you have to keep running around clearing out any attackers. Plus later in levels the towers are worthless so they can’t even keep the extractors clean. And even if you manage to meet your goals you end up with 100-200 mats and the frustrating urge to gouge your eyeballs out.

You can also turn in other mats in exchange for the one you need, like 20 for 10, the only problem is that Turbine created and needlessly morose system by only allowing specific material for the one you need. So if I want necrotic charms, then I need twice as many Jade scorpions. And honestly – it’s dumb. The fact that you have this absolute limitation just creates frustration.

My honest opinion is that time spent is time spent, to make people go through a complicated system of if I do this I can convert to that – instead of adding a straight forward 20 for 10 from x amount of materials and 30 for 10 from y type of challenges. So if the ideal is jade scorpions to Necromantic charms (or whatever they’re called), then if I do another challenge instead the rate would be 25 or 30 for 10. And for pete sakes add a 200 for 100 option, it’s like Turbine want our clicky fingers to bleed.

So knowing all that a rogue is not ideal for dealing with scores of scorpions and whatever else you fight on the way. So then I got the idea of taking my level 21 WF Wiz and make him a BF iconic wiz – getting him directly to the crucial ML 15 and have him farm mats. Only to figure out that I don’t have a good docent at this level.

So then I decided to take my sorc (I’m not paying 300 shards for 200 regular blue dragon scales, hell no) and farm Heroic Tor for mats.

So there you go, 3 steps back, to take 1 step forward (with my assassin) and perhaps even farm some mats for future stuff. Like for that very same BF Wiz (you know boots, cloak, ring of master, bracers and trinket – pretty much the whole thing) and then tier 2 them so they’re still BTA and can be used by ALL classes. And I’m pretty sure my wiz on his second life can hammer out those Jade scorpions. Web and firewall will come handy and whatever assortment of goodies that he has. And seeing that he’s BF I might concentrate more on the arcane part over the Pale master – we’ll see. Heck – who knows. I might even go with that knight build, dependent on if I can figure out how to best build it. But I have no doubt that with all the spell pen and such he’ll do short work out of the Drows and scorps in that challenge.

And hopefully I can do it about 2 or 3 levels above 15 for additional mats. And who knows – maybe Turbine will throw in a challenge bonus weekend for kicks.

But I still need to do TOR. That means 2-3 scales at the time. I’m at 7 blue now, only 13 more to go. So maybe 6-7 runs in total. It’s doable, but oh so boring.

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