The return to journey

I played Second Son yesterday instead of playing DDO. I’m not fed up with DDO, I’m just not in a hurry to sit and wait for a raid to fill or slow level an assassin. Plus ETR is out of the question right now. I hope Turbine figure out that they need a stread, slayer and explorer reset for ETRs because resetting it from scratch with a heroic reincarnation is just way to grindy for me.

But I’ll be back. DDO is still whispering for me to come back and I don’t feel nauseated thinking about it, like I do when I think about returning to WoT.

I’ve mention this before, so here’s a mini repeat. Games and especially well done games, are about the journey. I don’t care if the subtext is starting out in a cell (Oblivion) or putting graphitti on a wall – the beginnings how simple, delicate or tough, is just a start of a journey that will take you towards a (hopefully) satisfying end.

Like Pirates on Vic 64. A simple lad, all of his family taken away and you have to reunite the family and build your fortune. That game had a simple and great story. Or Oblivion – starting as a prisoner and rescuing an emperor to becoming a hero/villian of your own design and perhaps stopping an invasion from Oblivion. To be honest; I didn’t feel that I had an satisfactory ending of the entire story arc. Kinda like with wasteland 3. It felt like the type of ending of the saga was lost on me in both those games, while the actual journey was everything.

From skulking around in caves ambushing undead and high level kobolds alike. From trecking a wasteland in search of fortune and small mission, while picking up some nice weapons and loot in between, I like games that are open ended and where you write your own story. Be in short – by dashing towards the end or long. Taking your time to sniff the flowers and explore a large world.

Second son is shaping out be to another journey. Not as deep as Oblivion or Wastelands 3. But it should provide me with an open ended experience with a limited exploration. And I love it.

DDO was never like that for me; there was a point where I explored, saw and felt with awe, but then I TR’d and even created more toons. Instead the experience became about power and loot and less about the journey. Perhaps the biggest issue is that there are so many lose threads and that I can’t see the end because of the many open story arcs.

And that’s okay. Not everything has to be about the journey, but we still dread the end. All things must end and after so many years I’m not sure I want it to be there yet.

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