So Purplefooz let us in on some of the stuff we can look forward too in E3BC. As I mentioned a while a go it wasn’t my first choice. Still isn’t, but then I wouldn’t mind a new addition to Epic since we have way to few Epic quests, especially with Turbine adding 2 more levels for the cap at 30. It’s not ideal – I’ve played 3bc maybe 2-3 times tops during all these years and to me they felt like the older ones with traps, puzzles and stuff. Not saying it’s bad but running around on an island at low level (with 20% striding gear or lower) isn’t my thing.

The one thing that I wonder most about however is the ML of the quests – I hope it’s towards the middle and up since right now the quests we have between 24-28 are boring and they’re far too few.

Check out the link – seems interesting enough and the big thing is pirate ships as ‘monster’ encounters. With broadsides shooting down at you, catapults to fire in the wilderness and the pirates using hooks to anchor the ships and assault players on the ground. And more importantly – teleporter to the quests, all free. Seems like Turbine at least got some stuff right even if the quests might not be my cup of tea. And then instead of Guard duty a brand new quest where the players are escorting this treasure.

Sounds like the possibility of air combat and boarding. I dunno until we get the first couple of impressions from Lam, but it sounds interesting. One thing that was brought up and something the Devs hadn’t thought about was the potential of a new Saga – since this is supposed to be a continuing of Sentinels, that is the players are looking for the slain captains treasure rumored to be hidden somewhere on the island. And the players get clues from each quest as to where it is.

Sounds like a plan to me. Meanwhile I assume that CC will be back and we’ll see if I get back in the groove and do it this time. The grind for the bottle sorta turned me off to the entire thing and the fact that they made a AOE rune arm without even fixing the isssues with AOE rune arms. I certainly didn’t feel like wasting my time on a level 24 rune arm with little or no use for. Had it fired 4 rapid canon shots, yeah maybe (kind of how Toven’s Hammer work with electric).

And we’ll see if they release any similar rune arms with E3BC – making the CC rune arm pretty much a waste of time and grind. Personally I hope they make an upper end rune arm that Arti’s want to use. To be honest – the 3 released with TOR are all worthless compared to the choices we already had. The acid ones out of the Harper quests all comes with more spell power plus insightful Int and the force one out of MOTU 1 replaced Lucid Dreams (no negatives).

The acid one out of TOR adds augment slots, but no spell power. Plus the augment slots are not red or orange or even purple so fairly useless in the sea of items with augment slots. The cold and electric ones suffer from many things; cold not being part of the Arti enhancement line so worthless for that reason and the electric one is a throwback with a cone shape attack, the cone being slightly larger with higher charge but at such a blatantly terrible range that it’s useless. Add AOE ontop of that and you have something you can’t hit with and will most likely be saved.

What Arti’s need is a high end rune arm, possible charge level 6 with a bite. And I will be interesting to see if they’re going to do something good like that for E3BC.


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