Weekend mashup

I ended up capping my Horc fighter doing a few hours of wilderness slayer and explorer. Nothing note worthy. Then I dropped him off at the guild ship and moved onto next bright object. The truth is that I need to be able to self heal before I can get him to do the new raids so I might have to ETR followed with a heroic and work myself up. I so wish they added a ‘remember leveling choices’ when you ETR because the 1-20 lesser reinc you have to do each time is a pain.

I also ended up finishing Second Son as ‘good’ and restarted playing bad. Other than say different dialogues and power choices the major one is how your special power thingy works. Each of the 3 different main powers have them, the final concrete doesn’t seem too.

Both works by either killing, saving or subduing enemies – so for good it’s saving wounded civilians and subduing DUP and criminals and for bad it’s killing or executing DUP and I do believe police. Both powers seem to be the same, except that with good it ‘subdues’ all of the ones hit, with evil it kills.

But there’s another major difference; with good you can build it up gradually and at your own pace. It resets if you injure, kill or execute (DUP and criminals) civilians but you can take your time to hit the full effect. With evil it’s a timer and that’s because you can kill without any sort of consequence. So you need seven before it’s completely charged (and once it’s charged I think it stays like that) but it’s with a timer. So if you can’t kill baddies fast enough (and civilians don’t count – that’d be too easy but they don’t reset the count either) it’ll reset to zero. That makes the prospect of powering it up a little bit trickier.

It’s easy enough in deep enemy zones, but it gets harder is zones you have ‘cleaned’ up a little. So while you might get 3-4 ones by plowing up APCs, it will reset fairly soon unless you get the final count. And with good you take your time, watch your shots and eventually get it.

These massive attacks are good when you go into enemy camps or when you finally manage to unlock a zone for fast travel, especially since every one of them will have heavy enemy encounters and firing off one of these special attacks will bag most of them.

And finally I decided to ETR my BF paladin and ended up adding some saved epic gear – like the envenomed cloak and the docent form Web of Chaos. That way he now have all 5 items needed for the Epic Abashai, adding a needed profane bonus to strength and con.

I figured it was time to get him up there and it was easier for me to restart with an ETR in order to unlock the new divine destiny, since I just don’t like the upper end Epic quests. I find the purple mist obnoxious and rather replace good epics like Carnival and Red Fen and even Sentinels together with all the MOTU compared to the blech harper and Shadowfell quests.


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