More playin’

Yesterday I decided to give Rift another try. I just can’t shake that feeling of going from station to station. Like ‘here’s the level 5 zone, oh and just over there you can see the level 6 zone.

It all feels like ‘okay, after you’re done playing with 4 of that and 4 of this, you can move onto saving 5 of those’.

It just feelings wrong. Maybe because coming from solo games into DDO I never ‘saw’ that ugly divide in front of my eye. Like the area with wolves and fire squirrels. I don’t know why I am supposed to kill the wolves but it said quest complete after I killed so many so I must’ve talked to someone about it. Or net those fire squirrels. Or kill that dude in a shrine on a hill. First I have to get rid of a bunch of ‘gnolls’ hiding behind walls. I have to do something to the wall that looks like igniting them.

The ironic part is that there’s walls going up all the way to the shrine with one ‘gnoll’ guarding behind it. But once you engage one the others don’t do squat until you engage them. So much for a defense. So I need to kill x amount of the figher ‘gnolls’ and x of the caster ‘gnolls’. Not all of them mind you. When I’ve fulfilled my quote (and the rest respawns) I can just move past the rest and hit the bad guy.

Now I didn’t realize that until the third try that I had to ‘weaken’ this guy first. With some spell I was given (temporarily) so I killed him twice just to realize that after the enchantress popped out the second time and told me that I was going to regret not joining that evil dude behind it all and they would not forget what I’ve done (again) I checked the quest log just to find that I shouldn’t just kill the ‘boss’ – I first have to weaken him THEN kill him. I didn’t stick around for the enchantress to warn me a third time since it doesn’t do anything other than that after you’re done.

Now if there was things I’d take from Rift (other then better graphics) the list would be short but useful.

Like cloaks. I like the visual of it. Very nice. Add an option for guild symbol and even better.

Fishing. I don’t care what you think. Fishing is a time waste and one of those things you can engage in while waiting for a quest to fill. Same with crafting – I like the idea of crafting my own stuff and selling them. I don’t care if it’s an improved Cannith crafting but just something. The lack of these leisure things just highlight how empty the end game is. Other then Heroic or Epic (Iconic as well) reincarnation we can either keep farming the same stuff over and over for items or mats, but the reality is that it’s nice to take a break sometimes.

Random event. I’ve always wanted this. Be it random dungeons inside wilderness (kind of like rare events but more like random small dungeons with end reward) or similar events to ‘Rifts’. Not ‘Rifts’ themselves but ‘invasions’. Events that allow us from time to time just spontaneously come together and beat a common enemy. No announcement, just random.

It can either be in specific wilderness or even assigned public areas. Just something. Like a pirate ship dropping off a bunch of angry pirates in the Harbor. Run wee ones, go tell your high levels that there’s a pirate raid in the harbor.

I like instances and the type of wilderness DDO offer; it hides the fact that you’re but one of thousands doing the same stuff at that very moment. And that’s good. The last thing we want to see is that Bob is standing in line to capture himself some fire squirrels too.

DDO to me is a superior combat and character creation system. It makes you more intimately aware of your choices and the combat is more responsive to your actions. But other MMOs can still teach it a few more tricks, just to add that little extra.


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