Extended weekend mashup

You’d think you could get more playtime in if you extend the weekend with a day, but then there’s this thing called ‘family units’. That’s the ‘I’m bored and you’re boring’ thingies that demand entertainment. Plus there was this ‘mothers day’ event.

But I still ended up doing a few fruitful and pointless thing. Like adding a few levels to my Paladin (now 25 hitting 26 soon). The good part was taking advantage of double CoV bonus – altho he was low level so the initial stuff only game 20-40. But once I hit MOTU 1 chain on Sunday on EE with a group it was about 90 per quest – not bad.

I also made a greatsword – the thunder forged one. It’s ugly. The bad thing about the new items is that Turbine decided not to design any new stuff. They took copies of existing items and made them charcoal black. So the greatsword is the manga looking kitchen knife from the level 15 harbor quests (the one with the flesh shaping squid face) and the greataxe is the one from Chrono. It’s a pity since this is your premium high level stuff and it’s essentially recycled from other quests.

I’m having a blast with the new divine destiny. The crusade thing is a nice little feature and it sure helps in a pinch. I say help – I still take lots more damage than I heal and being a BF it’s something like 20 per tick compared to almost 50 for fleshies. But with a 114 combustion augment in the greatsword I bumped the fire and radiance damage from 30-40ish ticks to 110. That’s especially nice in the mountain wilderness against all those undead.

The most fruitless I did was to join a Citw. It’s fast becoming that quest where you burn lots of time running for nothing but trash as reward. 7 chests. No named item even if I didn’t really look for something and no comms. Worthless.

It’s bad enough that Turbine designed a long escort raid with questionable mechanics (like SP drain) but to skunk people in the end like that (not even a fricken COMM!!!!) is terrible. It was unfortunately the only raid going at the time – I wouldv’e jumped on a FoT in a heartbeat or even Shroud or Chrono. I’m not entirely sold on the new raids yet, especially the Shadow. But they’re changing some stuff in u22, like no red named battleragers on EN and only on EH and EE (with a re-balancing of the HP). Thank GOD!

I’d love some of the named stuff from the raid – like the belt. It would be sweet on any of my melee.

So we’ll see if I wait until u22 or jump on it when it shows up before then.


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