Doing something else

I didn’t just play DDO this weekend – I also downloaded Warframe and gave Rift another chance. Warframe on PS4 is a gorgeous fluid first person shooter, with groups of up to 4 ‘future ninjas’ fighting off corrupted, corporate hired and DNA damaged clones. Yeah, pretty much. You do that in search of higher levels, better stuff and things you can modify your weapons with.

It’s F2P and I imagine that the only way I’ll be able to get the good stuff is buy buying something. Whatever that is. It’s fun with a steeper learning curve and if yo don’t take advantage of, or for that matter add mods to your items you’re pretty much toast. That’s the basics of it. So read the wiki for information on it or you’ll end up doing a lot of trial and error.

Rift feels like I’m just running in circles. I ended up joining a ‘raid’ by stumbling onto a rift fight – so since we didn’t disband afterwards we all ran around doing daily quests. Pretty much in a big circle of going and killing spiders, then burning their nests, going to a grave year, first robbing graves, then lighting candles, then doing something else, then killing something, fumigating fungi and killing a bunch of big boars. In a circle. So first we went to A, then B, then C, then D and then back again as we did each layer of additional quest of something. Mostly I just ran after them, shot at something, picked something. Killed some rabbit trying to eat something we planted and then off again we went.

We ended stopping an invasion of rifts – going from one to another. Now rifts are cool with several stages of ever increasingly hard monsters. I died 3 times. Twice fighting the same rift. Seems no one really heals, or try to throw a heal.

If you think byoh is a disturbing movement in DDO or even the endless debate about self healing – try Rift. I’m a ranger without no self healing soul tree.

So once I started taking damage I was toast. It’s okay – it was annoying to die but hardly something I worried about since I’m not invested in it. In fact I don’t even know why I’m doing some stuff or even fighting Rifts since I don’t have an eyeball on the end game.

Unlike DDO – I have so many toons, so many wish lists so once I’m done with one (or semi done) there’s always another one. So far I’ve tried 3 different F2P and I was only intrigued by SWOTR because how interesting the quest cut scenes are, but it seems as if some games reinforce my time investments in DDO.


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