Weekend May 19th

I ended up planning to finish off the last level on my Pally over the entire weekend, but was done by noon Saturday. Seems when I finally decided to check what type of XP I could expect from some quests and run the big payouts, I capped a lot quicker then expected. That allowed me to get a fully upgraded shadow docent for him, the one with the extra DR and it was nice to join a terrific group of people to do both raids. I ended up doing Shadow twice on my Pally, and red dragons once and then twice on my sorc for the red dragons. All in all very quick succession and entirely enjoyable.

I then decided (since I capped my Pally a lot quicker then expected) to ETR my sorc. Figured I could use a little bit more critical spell lore. This time around I will list the quests I’m doing and figure out what XP I’m getting from them. It’s time to get efficient if I’m going to do this more often. No point running around doing random quests and such if I at least want to triple stack some of the destinies before I get tired and give that up. Plus it allows me to continue doing something in DDO until they release more end cap stuff. I know U22 is E3BC but after that we’re talking level 30 and some real high end stuff.

My hope is to take about 2-3 weeks top for the ETR, if I stick to a regiment of quests then run my Pally in some raids just to not get to bored by it. Eventually I want to get the colors of the queen triple stacked as well for both my Pally and Sorc and I can also get a triple stack of doublestrike for my Pally. I don’t mind continue using Divine crusade, I like it – but the truth is that divine past life stuff are bad. Sure, I could get the one that gives positive energy for some additional HP per sacred ground tick – but it’s not the same as more double strike or even colors of the queen. That was is sure though. Looks like this will be a divine past life on the Pally since I just don’t have the heart to run things at cap to hit 6mill Karma. One of the downside of the silly system.

I also played some Warframe. I thought I had an idea what the mods were about and in a way I do, but it’s also a confusing system – especially those special powers. It’s very poorly mapped. I especially hate hacking consoles, the feature is just to inaccurate when you only have so long to get the pattern done.

And as always played Dungeon Keeper. The game is getting boring. I have zero incentive to play anything since I don’t want to raid other dungeons and the target for building or unlocking anything are in the 2, 3 mill of any material and my dungeons get raided a lot quicker then I can make it. It doesn’t really matter what I do. The game is created for others to raid; playing it any other way is pointless. And it’s just not what I thought it would be. Nor that you could steal people resources in a way that make it impossible to progress without buying boosts or lockdowns. If you’re looking to play a game on the phone now and then – avoid this one. It starts how innocuous enough but sooner or later you’ll hit that wall that says ‘pay up’.


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