Why I don’t like The Catacombs

There are some quests I like (individually within packs and chains) and some I don’t like. In fact there are entire chains and packs where most quests are boring but for some reason the pack itself as a whole is nice. And a lot of that can be because of the XP or gear or because it’s fast despite the monotonous quests. And others just feel straight boring, no matter how you try.

Like the catacombs.

I usually skip this one. Unless I’m on my third life and just want to torture myself through it. First, this is a chain of not so long quests, in the 3-5 range (dependent on difficulty). There’s only really one challenging one and that’s the end quest – it can get hairy when the wraith pops out and the skellie minion starts blasting away; but other then that it’ll be hordes and hordes of skellies, some spiders, some zombies and other undead critters. I think the reason why I don’t like it, is because of the silly run back and forth and report mechanic. That along with returning to a similar place in the story just to do something a little different. You’ll find that in other chains as well, but here it’s like, do one thing, report back to boss, then continue in the same place but go deeper, then report back etc.

All in all half of them seems to be in one spot and the other half in another. Then a brief gauntlet up stairs to fight more hordes of skellies, zombies and ghouls and then the final end. This is of course dreadful for melee without a good skellie beater and it can be atrocious on a caster because of all the critters you have to fight. Personally I would combine a few of the quest to be part of the same investigation. That would cut down on the sameness. And also cut down on the running back to report. That would sharpen the time sink a little and remove the redundant feeling. Maybe there’s nothing that can be done about the sameness of critters but it wouldn’t hurt by perhaps figure out a few different cool encounters in all of it. It’s ironic then that I bought the pack; back when they released it together with a level 3 gold hireling. For 10 bucks. I think it was a good buy just to have an early hireling, but I still don’t like or play the pack much.


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