Why I like The Seal of Shan-To-Kor

The Seal of Shan-To-Kor used to be the only source of a ML 1 feather falling item. But that’s not true anymore; anyone with a little crafting skills can make one. But that was not the only reason why people ran it. First off it’s a good 30-45 minute romp through all of them and they can be done one after another without reporting back or talking to someone else. One segment leads to the other (the closest one would be the 4 different chained quests in House of D where you start in one section of the sewer and 4 quests later pops out somewhere else).

The XP is excellent, some of the traps are among the most vicious for the level and it used to be a fairly hard encounter before a lot of the current changes. Some of it will change and perhaps add a slight challenge back to it, since boats will no longer have 30 resist, but max guild 15 and only 5 at the level of this pack.

But going back to this chain; first off I like the fact that you’re not wasting time running to NPCs to get the next quest. I love the fact that there are varied encounters and optionals that provide okay amount of XP plus loot. I like the fact that most of the goblins are not pushovers and can hit pretty hard. And the different segments will start out with kobolds, then undead, some spiders and goblins and then ogre and finally a earth elemental/guardian thingy. In fact by the time you get to the real end fight you will see everything from underground villages to cave systems and beyond. And the entire experience feels diverse, treacherous and like a perfect exploration. And not bad in 30 minutes or so. When I popped out of this quest the first time I felt like I’ve read a good book.

There are few other chains, other than MAYBE waterworks that adds this kind of concept. And I wish there were more chains that started somewhere and ended 4-5 quests down somewhere else. True, you do have to set aside the time to do it. Back in the day it was an hour plus run – but now it can be as low as 30 minutes to 45. In fact to me this is a much better format than splinterskull. It’s an investigation that takes you from A, to B, to C, to D. And it’s an excellent continuing after waterworks since it’s hinted to it when you do the final quest in the waterworks chain.

This is always a must for me; not only for the good XP or some really okay early gear but mostly because of a one of a kind experience unlike a lot of other chains in DDO. It’s definitely worth the trip once in each reincarnation or new toons life.


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