Why I oddly enough like The sharn Syndicate

This one is strange to me. I think I like the sharn syndicate because it’s fairly brief, have a set of diverse quests and okay XP. It’s not all gravy, but most of the stuff is interesting and brief enough if they’re not.

You’ll encounter these quests around 4 and it’ll be done in about an hour (all of it). There is some stuff that might kill you outright but other than traps you should be fine. The final quests is kind of fun because you start out killing the boss, then it’s hirelings and finally escape – a sorta reversal of the usual quest paradigm with end boss, but the gauntlet will probably test you more than the boss fight.

The 2 hardest part in this chain is when you liberate a family. It fails if one dies and if you don’t realize that you need to undo all traps first these family members will happily run into said traps as the flee. At level and Elite the first encounter can be quite vicious – lots of caster types. And without trap undoing it can hurt. Especially by trying to reign in on the running in circles family.

Another one have you remove items from pedestals. Each one comes with an elemental trap that will bye bye you without evasion or such. Even with ship resist. It hits hard. But other then that the quest itself is innocuous. All in all it’ll be a quick romp through several diverse quests, lots of traps and the longest quest will be the end quest, with it’s reverse slaying of boss first to run to the end. Thank God it’s not an escort mission.


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