Why I don’t care about 3BC but might like E3BC

I’ve run this pack maybe once or twice. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but for a level 5-7 pack you’re better off sticking to city core ones – less running and quicker completion. That’s the primary failing of this pack. In order to do them you need to run the wilderness, to the quest entrance and do the quest. That sounds innocous enough and no different than some other quests. But at level 5 or so it’s painful. Partly because you don’t have 30% striding. Plus a lot of these have that type of thing to them that I don’t care for. Puzzles. Not early on. Some people love that stuff. I don’t – and not at level 5. When I reincarnate I want to get stuff done and move on. And this level range is fleeting enough.

Puzzles and mechanics are for higher level, when you can step back and appreciate it. At level 5 I’m trying to contend with the fact that walking up stairs seems to be faster then jumping up them (meaning very bad jump score). It’s not a ‘bad’ or ugly wilderness. It’s just a little bit to big for comfort and for such early levels. And you’re not really going to find a similar wilderness at that level range. Which makes it even more painful.

So why is it that 3BC seems so intolerable and E3BC is? Hard to say but I think the idea of teleporting to the entrance of quests sort of appeal to me. And the level range is the same. Not the 5-7, but mid 20’s. I never cared for that split but that’s part of the legacy of making packs when the cap was much lower. Plus mechanically I find the idea of fighting pirate ships as monster interesting. I like that idea. Once you break into Epic with the type of gear you have collected, running at full speed, it’s easier to appreciate some stuff. It’s not like a romp to a nearby quest will take that long. That’s completely different at 5. Plus E3BC is not entering a very quest crowded space. Unlike heroic questing that have a lull around 12-14 (at least anything I’d like to play) but seems to have enough below 12 and above 15.

Right now a level 24-25 quest range will work for you as you level up from 20 and above 25 too. Much needed additional XP. Provided of course that mechanically the quests doesn’t bog down with silly stuff. I haven’t checked out all of them on lam but I’m trying to save my expectations until live. I’ve noticed that if I run content on lam I don’t really have that ‘wow this is cool’ feeling live. I don’t mind checking out ships and such and the new amenities, but I prefer to keep my question cherry intact.


One thought on “Why I don’t care about 3BC but might like E3BC

  1. erdrique

    I really enjoy running around the Three Barrel Cove explorer area as a low level character. You are right though, getting to the quests is an annoyance for those players who aren’t used to running through the area. The other explorer areas around Three Barrel Cove (Tangleroot Gorge and Searing Heights) are much simpler in respect to hunting down their quest entrances, concerning there is really one one entrance to both, and in Tangleroot you can teleport there once you find Ungurz. Even with that said, the running never bothered me, but then again I tend to be more patient then many others.


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