Why I don’t care about Assault on Splinterskull but still runs it

This is a fairly long chain. Most of the time it’ll push an hour all together. It’s also one of these packs where it starts at one level and ends 2-3 levels higher. Sure, you can still do it, say around 4-5 and end the level 7 final quest without coming back, but I wish Turbine would redo these chains so they all have the same ML – maybe spark some more interest in them.

That’s obviously not the greatest issue with it. First – it’s monotonous. This is not a quest chain with a lot of variety. Sure – the wilderness run is pretty interesting with a beautiful wilderness area that feels very dense and lots of vegetation. But once you hit the first 3 quests you realize that this is not so much an Assault as it is a return too. As every single quest in the chain will have you go into the same area over and over and a little deeper but still from point A to point B, C, D and always from the front gate.

Clearly a few of these quests could be consolidated into 2-3. Because I don’t see why you first have to go in, kill a bunch, then out, report and then go in, free prisoners, then go back, report, then go in…
Meanwhile repeating the same events over and over. Clearly the hobgoblins haven’t learned anything because by the third of the fourth time you assume they’d be all there waiting for you with a few dozen or so in ambush. But clearly they’re not that smart.

There are some optionals, like a pit with stuff, like an island in a cave or whatever. Some room you can unlock and destroy boxes in or even a locked side room with a chest each time etc. But you don’t want to do them. Because it would be a distraction and take more time and once you’re 4 quests deep into doing the same I don’t feel like exploring. It’s a waste of time, not all that good on XP and there’s like 5 more quests in the chain to do.

At best this should be 4-5 quests, maybe even just 4. Consolidate some of the areas for less runs and make it snappier. Sure, most of these parts are not long, but doing the same short one after another is not going to change that it doesn’t make sense going in over and over against an enemy that apparently doesn’t learn after the 5th time that you’re definitely coming back.

So why do it? Because of this item. Visor of the Flesh Render Guards – Goggles: Death Ward (1/rest). The only death ward clicky in the came. Sure, there’s an epic item that you can make (oh lol – yeah try to get that one done within 20 runs of demonqueen). It’s only 7 minutes, but beggers can’t be choosers and it’s not unique so you can carry more than one.


2 thoughts on “Why I don’t care about Assault on Splinterskull but still runs it

    1. patang01 Post author

      Oh I know you love it. I remember reading something from you back in the day when you talked about doing wilderness slayer and rare runs and how you went about doing it.


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