Why I don’t really care for A Man Named Baudry Cartamon

It’s only 3 quests located in the harbor. They’re not very long, not very hard and you can do them in less then 30 minutes (all together). But they’re boring. I think most of it is because there’s no variety. You got lots of kobolds, some dogs and some bugbears. In one you defend a big box. Assailed from all directions by kobolds. In the quest your job is to go in and break boxes. There’s one enemy critter – a possible red named shaman. And lots of boxes. And a timer. Apparently you only got so much time to break these boxes.

In the third and final you have to go back into the same area as the second quest and kill more kobolds. And some dogs. And some bugbears. And there’s also a possible enemy Shaman. And kobolds. Not all quest chains can be gold and not all quests are great. Like Sharn – most of them are fine, some of them – like the bank one – is meh. This chain is just bad straight through. But I do it for most part on each life because it’s quick, not very complicated and they’re located in the harbor. It’s one of those things you do as part of reincarnation just to get it done and over with.


2 thoughts on “Why I don’t really care for A Man Named Baudry Cartamon

  1. Phil Collins

    I do agree, but would a brand new player with no uber kit say the same? would they find it a challenge? and if so would the challenge make it more interesting?


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