Recording the numbers to be more efficient

So here I am, doing quests, hitting 23 and keeping score. I figured that the best way that I can do, is to record what I do and what it gives once and for all and get a better idea what quests I should do and which ones to avoid. Basically keeping track of name, XP, time it takes (about) and diff used. Some quests are harder to document and you can only get a good idea what to expect after doing it a good amount of time. Like VON 3. Compared to spinner – which will give you about the same each time.

The difference is of course that VON 3 have several red named random encounters – so you can’t expect all of them to show up every single time, you’ll be happy if you get half plus the permanent. Unlike spinner who don’t have rare encounter random bosses, requires 36 shards to complete and have 3 waves of things – all spawning the same amount of guardians (stuff that tries to stop you from killing spiders) and spiders. In other words if there’s such a thing as conquest bonus and you don’t get it by collecting 36 shards it’s very unlikely you will even try to get it.

Just to give you a realistic idea based on say using a 30% potion and running some on normal at first and then hard, I noticed a 40k increase in XP dependent on doing Von3 on normal compared to hard. But then again the second time around I didn’t use a rogue (hard) but did on normal (so that accounts for still a 8 percent difference). Plus I didn’t get the same rare in each instance. Of course running these quest a few time more on different diff settings will flesh out a better understanding. None of which is that terribly important.

If running VON3 on hard will give you almost 40k more XP, then I’ll run it on hard. If it’s lower than that I might just skip it – after all harder means slightly more time and time is as much enemy of your goals as lower base XP. Below is some of the data. Not all I’ve run so far but a sample. I did repeat some stuff (because the XP is generally good for the time it takes to complete them) and others are just trial and errors in finding the right type of quest with the time it takes to complete. A lot of them were never run on normal before. Like the first Von3 – so that accounts for 25% more XP. The second VON3 is a normal run without the first time bonus so now we’re talking about closer to what to expect. And the third time is on hard without first time bonus. No streak involved (since this is my second ETR on my sorc).

So what’s the easy to digest take away? Most end quest delivers better XP – as you can see from Battle for Eveningstar, Spinner, Into the Deep and portal opens (to name a few), but there are some that shouldn’t be ignored because it seems like ‘less XP’. Like LoD. LoD is 10-15 minutes tops, unless you also clear the rooms and purify those shrines. So that’s about 4k per minute.

Compare that to Beyond the Rift and it looks like lots more, but now you’re looking at say 20-30 minutes. (both on normal for comparison). Split the difference in time, say 25 minutes and you’re looking at about 3k.

Rusted in comparison can be done very briefly by skilling all optionals and basically (with a caster) means the time it takes to run to weapon rack, throw ddoor, destroy weapon, ddoor back and then hit the gong. Spend the 20 second or whatever for the boss to drop down and unload. Without optionals you still talk about the 20k something and a good 4-5k per minute.

And that is why ‘time’ is always of the essence. I set 30 minutes tops as a goal for myself. I don’t want to do quests that eat too much time. And doing quick quests that require very little time to complete and hit you with 20k something in XP can be just as good as doing a 30 minute quest for 50 something, if not better. Like Impossible demand, unquite graves, rusted and LoD, compared to Beyond the rift, trackers track, devils assault or anything else that provide artificial time sinks that almost guarantee that you will take a certain amount of time. Like Devils Assault. No matter how quick you kill each wave, you still have to wait x amount of time for the next to pop up.

Unlike rusted where the run time to the weapons rack and back are about the only time sink you’ll end up facing. If you can ddoor you have more or less made it trivial.

By the end of this I hope to be able to get a good understanding of what to expect. Roughly, so I can more easily get an idea what 2 hours of game time here and there means to my progress compare to sitting down, randomly pick something to run ‘just because of it’ even if that’s more fun than doing the same high xp stuff over and over.

That is unfortunately what unlocking destinies and doing ETRs have ended up becoming. Hopefully E3BC can add a new wrinkle to this just to break things up a little.

Von3 127044
B for Eveningstar 53925
Beyond the rift 73120
Impossible demand 36663
Unquite graves 31575
Von3 99999
Lord of Dust 49401
Rusted blades 41116
broken chains 53156
Death Undone 44158
Portal opens 56418
Into the Deep 81672
Spinner` 68590
Devils assault 118801

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