The illusion of big numbers

People know this from the good old red box days when we ran rusted and impossible demand until our eyes bled, souls escaped our bodies and we swore off gaming until we stopped dry heaving; it’s easy to get blinded by big numbers but sometimes short and rewarding gives you more bang for the bucks then long and huge XP finish.

Take VON3 – it used to be the gold standard for XP. 20-30 minute romp – close to 200k as a reward. Now it’s about 100k on normal and maybe 30-40k more on hard. We’re talking about mid to high 4k per minute. Not bad.

Now take Impossible demand and Rusted  – about 5 minutes worth of all hell breaking lose (ignoring all optionals) and on hard you’re looking at about 28k for each. Now you’re above 5k per minute. Sure – there’s a run. But VON3 have that troll gauntlet, so accurately speaking the run is somewhat trivial. Both Rusted and Impossible Demand are close to the entrances.

This all get very important the more premium you place on your time. If 2 hours is all you got then trying to fit in short 5k per minute quests can bring in the same amount of bacon as a few long ones. And it’s also a question of getting more bangs for the bucks out of XP potions. And if you’re gung ho on preserving bank, time and sanity – a few short quests leads to far less attrition then doing another 30 minute romp for a similar reward in time spent.

All of this is common sense of course. This is not a secret to players who plan their reincarnations, but it is an important wake up call now when ETR is the new vogue. Partly because hitting 6.6 mill with fewer quests to pick from is quite different from doing a third life on heroic. At least with heroic reincarnation there won’t be the same trite feeling of repetition since you can do almost the entire level up without doing the same quest twice. Try that with Epic.



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