Big boats and quick ends

I went on Lam yesterday because a new version is up and some of the amenities were working. I have the second largest boat, since the Man o War wasn’t up and running last time. It’s big; I can only guess how much bigger the Man o War is.

This boat has top, first, second, third and Cargo hold. It’s big. There’s some videos floating around in the forum for anyone that want to get an idea.

Now I could finally add the stuff; which is pretty straight forward. Go to a spot, click on the thingy just as if you were adding a shrine, pick what you want there and set it. It’s easy to undo too – undo and you still have it and own it and you can either add it somewhere else or just keep it like that for another time. And they’re unlimited time; no more running to every spot to add more time.

All small amenities ends up towards the hull in smaller rooms where as the large ones end up in the middle of the ship in larger areas. And I tell you, once you put these things in every spot will turn into a fully functional area with all the tools for the trade. And it can be quite the djungle in there.

Downside is that right now there’s no good way of knowing what an amenity does. The mouse over doesn’t work right and there’s no info text other then what it’s called in the interface. Plus you can’t sort it, so you should guess that higher guild level requirements means better stuff, but since you don’t know for sure I was trying to buy everything that had high guild level, but had to scan the list first to make sure.

Once that’s all set you go to the top deck, hit the buff all button and suddenly have a buff bar full of stuff. You can mouse over those for info and most of them are guild buffs. So if you have some form of resist, the resist will stack with that. Not that it mattered much once I hit the E3BC wilderness area.

So here I am, fully buffed, ready to go out there and check it out. You know – what that hole monster/pirate ship was about.  Well – to my surprise I didn’t really notice until I was getting hit, dying and dead.

Here’s the deal. I was close to the quest entrance to that quest where you have the ship wreck on the beach. There was some stuff there. I nailed them, and suddenly I started getting hit by these HUGE lightning spheres. Doing 300-400 in damage each (so much for 60 in resist). They fired quickly too. The guys coming down on ropes were not the issue; the big fricken ship firing lighting spheres was.

I hope that’s a question of balance; because these AOE attacks won’t miss you and unless you got evasion it’ll be toast quicker then lightning.

I revived, pulled away towards this ballista. I start firing. The ballista apparently either don’t do any damage or exploded BEFORE it hit the ship. Either way the pirates are roping down now and then and I’m destroying them and the ropes. So I pull out a bow. It’s my plinker. On a pally with no bow related feats or even good bow it is like 20-30 in damage. I’ll be hammering at this ship until the moon comes up. If it wasn’t for the fact that once I did that the ship took notice and fired it’s cannons again. I mean far. And I was hit with 4-5 shots and died fairly quickly.

I figured as long as that stuff is not balanced right there’s no point dragging in anything without evasion. I’d love to try it all out but this kind of stuff doesn’t appeal to me. Now I’m sure my tempest ranger would do well, evasion and bow and all that, but there’s something significantly broken about an encounter like that, that can fire these massive shots AND quickly over and over too.

Lets hope next build makes this a little bit more reasonable.

Other then that – the ships and buffs and how things work are very promising. Adding another source of middle of the epic questing XP, is not bad either. Some people gripe over the ML 24, but I think it’s just fine. I rather have items I can use for a few more levels than top level stuff that’ll sit in the bank while you ETR.

On a final note – Impossible demand, LoD and Rusted all adds about 5-7k per minute for the run. It’s well worth the investment of time since only LoD adds more of it (circa 10-12). I ran 6 quests earlier today; about 80 minutes worth, bagging 361k and about 4.5k per minute. The shortest took 4 minutes the longest about 25. This is of course not some type of dream numbers; if I did these 6 each day from 20-28 it would take me 18 days to complete an ETR.

That’s not exactly speedy Gonzales.

But sprinkle in some VON3, mirror darkly and what goes up with shorter runs and you got a range of 4 minutes to 40 to complete and a solid source of XP to get this to about 10-14 days. Which is just fine with me.


3 thoughts on “Big boats and quick ends

  1. erdrique

    I’m definitely looking forward to the new airships and hoping I have all of the same eminities I do now. The airship encounter also sounds interesting.


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