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Update 22 and other stuff

I haven’t been playing DDO all that much. Pretty much since last time I posted. I think the whole ETR thing wore me out. And now with update 22 around the corner and other announcements I’m ready to get back in the saddle. U22 adds E3BC – I’m not entirely sold on the quests since most of them are of the ‘evade’ traps kind. It’s not really my thing; in fact when I ran it on Lam I took away that they’re translations of existing quests but not my cup of tea. Which of course doesn’t mean I won’t play them – I will. But they’re not going to be high on my list.

Then there are the new ‘monster’ encounter – pirate ships. I like the idea, but the AOE cannon stuff along with multum HP turns me off. Sure – they did seem to tune it down a little – but it’s still a HP grind – and the promise of boarding and destroying the ship from within is only possible with 1 or 2 of them. The others are just way to high up so we’re talking about standing there’s and beating it up. These are of course a couple of minor points but it negates the idea of many different tactics and make it nothing more then hit auto attack for x amount of minutes.

I’m more excited about changes to Paladins and armor in average with a better look at what heavy armor means compared to going without. Because right now no armor with evasion is king. And heavy armor might as well be like wearing tin foil. Shiny but inconsequential. With the changes coming PRR gets a boost for heavier stuff along with a new feature – MRR – Magic resistance rating. A way to resist magic incoming damage as part of wearing heavier armor – and I think a much better idea about the sacrifices with different armor types.

That gives the well armored player a boost in damage mitigation – the idea is that the no armor evasion tank gets hit for spikes of heavy hits (avoiding a lot of them) where as the heavy armor player have a more predictable damage distribution across the board.

The essential is a balanced approach where one takes massive damage in spikes and the other distribute the spikes across the board.

Then there’s a question of Paladins – they get more of a revamp where staying pure delivers the good stuff while splashing pally adds a benefit but not the entire enchilada. I think that’s great – instead of front loading Paladin splashes it’s not a question of light or heavy investment in Paladins – with the benefit of going pure. Which is really how most classes should work.

Hitting cap should be the best, unless you can finagle some kind of multi class that have a particular benefit without being so completely overpowering compared to doing a pure class. A pure class should be the master of its kind – a pure ranger should be either an excellent skirmisher (like tempest) or the best ranged (like arcane archer). A pure monk should always be sharper then a splashed. A pure fighter should always be a battle beast compared to a splash etc.

Right now x with Monk always have a better outcome than going pure – which is completely wrong.

And finally Epic Macabre. I’m not looking forward to it. Not unless they’re doing a serious rework of the quests. I don’t know if this means doing all the quests or just some as with E3BC – but all would add a tremendous amount of Epic quests that I personally would run much and some would at least enable Turbine to re-work them to be more solo friendly.

I know – some people just love to run in groups and I do too. But sometimes I want the freedom of running what I want and when and there are few Necro quests that works that way. Plus truth be told I find them boring.

The other thing is that it’s home to a raid that few dedicated groups run. And they are dedicated – but I’ve had my fill of raids with puzzles. I find them boring. Like the shadowdragon raid. There’s just too many mirror and special puzzles. And it’s no different than escorting Anna in CITW. I just doesn’t do it for me. Partly because functionally it’s so dumb. I get traps – but a choice of 2-3 special traps and what 6-8 ,mirror puzzles?

Vale would be a greater choice; there at least the puzzle is but one part. Maybe they didn’t see themselves trying to figure out Epic Green Steel but I have zero interest in Epic Macabre and those items.

True – there’s a potential to sell. Like E3BC most people don’t own Necro. Most people do own Vale. And this is a great way to add a little income for redoing old quests. I get why, I just don’t think it’s going to be met with great enthusiasm.