U22 revisited

I’m going to be honest; I was not happy with u22. Not because of E3BC mind you or anything else such as the guild ships. But because of yet another update with lots of new bugs and lack of polish. And I so wanted to like it.

So after my Ranger died a horrible death in a trap with a wonky trap DC – I took a breather – played some Warframe and got back in the game after a few days.
Update 22 is good – if you overlook the lack of polish and the broken mechanics. In fact I’ve learned to like the new ‘monster’ encounter – not because it’s ‘good’ but because while it’s mechanically broken the idea is pretty cool.

I really like precious cargo – it’s a fun ‘unusual quest’. I didn’t realize that you could finish the quest without being boarded by the massive ship but you can. Most of the time you will get boarded, but in this case they never manage to break the ship controls on the bridge and the ship kept on flying and the time ran out before they could ‘steal’ the engine.
I’ve also suffered one time when the pirates broke into the cargo hold and since there was no one there they plundered everything. I lost 3 chests and the chance of a named and to add injury to insult it was a time when I had managed to down 3-4 smaller pirate ships.

I have since learned that once the big ship arrives I will send all remaining crew to the cargo hold to guard the treasure. They’re going to get killed anyways and the large ship will break all remaining stuff. Might as well save the crew for other things.

I really like the items; I have one hat on my sorc – a great way to combine heavy fort, all the charisma he needs outside an additional +10 or +11 charisma item and true seeing. I also want one for my FvS. I also use the gloves on a lot of them; mostly for the heal amp and extra HP but also for the strength for secondary reasons like for my Arti – encumbrance.
I love the Rune arm, even if it struggles in EE and sometimes in EH. But for most part it delivers lots of 600-1200 hits and a lot of it is not saves, unlike before. Altho some of the critters still have a fantastic amount of reflex save – ridiculous so. The fix to rune arms so they take in account gear with evocation is great – it has really made a difference.
Speaking of gear; I now have an unlocked stealthy pilfer on my Arti and a unlocked libram on my FvS. They’re nice – I realize that this makes it very hard to find a good slot for something with true seeing since a lot of the trinkets comes with true seeing – but it has allowed me to combine a few things into one single great item. And now I can finally put the Cannith challenge belt in the bank – and replace it with something like con plus something else. Or whatever.

The current setup is pretty good – but lack maximized spell power. The Sage bracers for 20% Force crit. The stealthy pifler for everything but search (search augment added to the E3BC boots). EE Iron Beads for lightning lore and spell power – I know the rune arm comes with some but it’s not the 120 – it’s 114. Which is not shabby per say. Tier 2 shadow repeater – the one that’ll take me to mortal fear. I added a 138 impulse augment just to boost that as much as possible.

What I really want is a good deadly item for helmet – something like the dragon masque from the new raid. His search skill is now hitting 81 – 85 with GH and 4 more for find trap scroll. That’s almost 90 – that should be enough to find just about anything. Spot and such is not far behind either. Giving him a good solid advance warning of anything hidden.
All in all u22 is okay – I like the fact that you can easily teleport to any of the quests once you’ve done them previously and with the extended buffs you don’t have to go back and rebuff – you can now spend a few hours in the same place doing quests and wilderness stuff, which is great.


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