DPS is king, but not really

There’s one reason why DPS is king and that’s because very little else works in EE – but I don’t do EE all the time, in fact most of the time I do normal or hard, dependent on the quest and what I need to finish. I’m not in it for the ‘challenge’. Particularly after the first time. That’s not the same as challenging myself – I do that. Some people just have to play EE – good for them. So they’re flexing mortal fear thunderforged, multi classing with Monk and splashing Pally.

I look at what I like to play instead, find the solution to a particular problem and approve the odds until I’m able to do it without major issues, as difficult as I can. So when I first made my tier 2 thunderforged Scimmi and tier 2 Khopesh I had DPS in mind and then I started thinking. By inspiration I put a meteoric augment and noticed that the procs could knock over critters. So I figured 2 must be better than one – so I had some valor and mats and I created another scimmi, all with procs in mind for critter clearing (I usually burst multi arrow with fury shots to death, better temporary DPS). This one added 150 Devotion as tier 2 and the fire proc as tier 2, that’s 200-300 in fire AOE damage (5%) and tier 3 in the distant future will be the fire proc on crit with 2 negative levels on vorpal. With the Scimmi crit chance of 15+ it’ll be great where it counts.
And add to that 1 meteoric augment in each scimmi.

When it goes off it’s like 4th of July. The tier 2 proc is like a fire explosion and the 2 meteoric procs going off, some times at the same time (one from each side – kinda cool) will smack the goods out of anything. It works. I’m seriously considering creating a GS item with displacement clickies for when it gets REALLY hairy but the whole quick smack with lots of procs is nice. It keeps critters on the floor followed by occasional fury hits for the tougher stuff.

It’s definitely not ultimate DPS. First of all Scimmis. Better crit profile but only about 150-200 crit hits with my ranger. Add to that about 800-1200 fury hits. And since one has a tier 1 devotion it’s less dps overall. The procs are okay, I don’t know if the procs adds enough DPS to compensate for using scimmis or using less then ideal dps. But the key here isn’t about ideal or maximal DPS, but to solve an issue with being surrounded without a good way of knocking things over like stun or trip. Those features on my fighters makes their survivability ideal for pumping as much as possible into DPS.

The meteoric strikes are therefor great – it’ll knock things over long enough to add 1 or 2 more procs and I can’t wait for the tier 3 where it procs on crit – that’ll make things even better.

Ontop of this I’ve managed to pull a few more items to make my ranger a tad sharper (just need a few 3 to 4 upgrade tomes, dex and con and then a 4 to 5 for wisdom, just to add a few more SP). With the necklace from haunted I have more dex and con. That’s more hit points and more things like reflex. With a EE goat boots (with a sucky permutation) I have 15% alacrity for both melee and ranged. I need to find the trinket but I currently use the compass from TOR for true seeing and the augment slots. I’d love to find something that fills that ‘hole’ in my build that allows me to use a much better cloak than the Deadly of accurate. But these are small things. With a reflex save of 44 I’m doing okay – I’d love a much better reflex save but for what I need it for it’s doing it’s job. And that is what counts.


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