Hitting 28

I hit 28 yesterday and my pure bard is doing well. The dilemma is the same as always – bards really get screwed more than anything in regards to good named items that adds resonance or sonic lore. Sure, you can always carry a stick, but that would negate the use of single weapon fighting style. You could also create a thunderforged Orb, but now you need a lot of resources and it negates the use of other great items. So you’re back to square one (basically).

I’d love a GS 2 Epic vale type item, but when I checked I realized to my dismay (as usual) that sonic is not covered under greensteel. In fact other then some random stick about the best sonic lore item is the blasting chime and by the time you hit 28, that thing will be about 5-6 levels behind newer stuff. And with lore hitting 20% at cap, you’re stuck getting miles out of something lower and that mean that you can’t put something much better in trinket slot.

In a way I wish they allowed for lore on random items outside the narrow main/off hand types. Like a random ring with lore on it. Any lore. Or that they released some type of crafting scheme for cap items that allow you to add lore. Sorta like ToD rings but this time adding lore and not just spell power. Flexibility is good. Adding diversity that keeps people grinding for the things they think they need as suppose to items that adds some benefits but not in total.

Who knows, maybe ENecro might add a number of useful items, but as I understand it those where more of the quirky sort. Lots of caster based items with some great positives and some negatives.


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