Of all the stupid things to fix

Sometimes Turbine does things that they might think is alright, but it ignores things that are far more debilitating to game play on classes players might buy with real money. Or for that matters that has a more adverse effect on everything then fixing a tiny benefit to all players.

Here’s the thing. Prior to the reality that most people solo quests, MMOs like DDO designs quests with silly featured meant to require pivotal classes or groups. Like dumb levers that had to be pulled together, gears that had to be passed and stuff that had to be dealt with and if you killed to many you failed.

Necro is a great example of tons of quests with this design, with good XP but detestable quest designs. Sue me if you love them, but anything that packs so much nonsensical illogical must pull x lever or whatnot at the same time just are not funny. I like immersion. I like a sense of design and I’m therefore against most puzzles in games but for traps. Traps is okay; puzzles are stupid.

I’ve ranted about this in the past but it remains a sore point with me because most puzzles are of the inane nature – like the new shadow raid. 6-8 mirror puzzles and 2 special ones. I just can’t imagine who would ever design such a ridiculous thing. Talk about a weak dragon that need so much silly features to feel safe. So the one that foiled me tonight and had me leave in disgust, is the changes to Let sleeping dust lie. It’s a quest that either require specific classes that can insta kill OR some major luck and not skill. Feel free to prove me wrong; but if you’re playing a pure melee, say 2 handed weapon fighter, you’ll be pulling your hair in frustration. And it’s even worse to group in that quest – because you know you’ll end up in a group with someone who don’t know English or care and that’ll assassinate the spiders after you pick up the book and fail the entire quest.

Nono to ALL game designers. Make challenges for people that like this type of fail devices and escort mission; make something really hard and frustrating and let them blow their minds on it. But please don’t add dumb features like that in regular quests. Because here’s the thing – forcing specific classes to do all the work makes it frustrating to a fault for the ones that are not that class.

But there was this tiny exploit, more like using the terrain. If you could jump up on this ledge and then over to a walkway there was a 33% chance that you might end up finding the second book there on the ledge and if you then finished you got the stone you needed without the ‘don’t kill 5 spiders’ thing being a serious hindrance.

Now this wouldn’t be so bad if you could refrain from killing 5 and not having to deal with spiders in the end fight – but what the dev did that created this quest was to add 4 spiders to the end fight. If you hadn’t killed any spiders on the way there you couldn’t fail (kill those 4 and you got the 1 to spare) but kill even 1 spider on the way and you could fail in the end fight. Again – the only way to safe guard yourself is to stone the spiders or something like that (like someone taking agro and moving the bad guy away from spiders) because by adding another insult to injury the end guy could kill the spiders themselves with fireballs by just firing off spells in the vicinity of those last 4. In other words, I saw failure after having spent 45 minutes to an hour and it was NEVER good.

By skipping the content and going to end fight without the 5 spider kill limit you lowered the amount of time you had to run around looking for books AND you didn’t have to worry about this arbitrary silly device that I personally find stupid.

But by fixing the jump spot in U21 (without announcing it) the decided to put dev time on fixing something NO ONE ASKED FOR and prioritized that over broken features on for profit classes that remains unfixed for years. Like the Arti pet starting to float when it walk up ladders.

Imagine what I find more important. A way for non insta kill classes to manage to finish an otherwise silly quest mechanic that should never had seen the light of day. Or making sure that stuff people bought with REAL money actually works as advertised. Failing twice with my bard set me up in a bad mode. Like having to stay just outside range trying to use fascinate to put the spiders to sleep, two was just outside it and as I killed the captors the spider evaporated against my guard effect. Trust me, I’m not going to redo my enhancements just so the spiders won’t take sonic damage missing my guy. That’s right MISSING him.

So I fail. In a quest designed for the few classes that can insta kill while everyone else sits back and holds their breath. And quest that can fail at the very end because of the sadistic need to put in a utter fail mechanism like that. I don’t like the quest myself – but it was at least tolerable with the jump thing. And now, well I can’t finish. I just don’t have time to redo this over and over and over just to get the perfect 5 spiders saved so I can do the end fight. I don’t have time to group for it and see that opportunity wasted because one group member don’t know how things work and don’t want to listen. Because that is how it used to be and that’s why I solo some quests. I refuse to waste my time on other peoples ignorance.

Thank you Turbine for once more not understanding that your old design need exploits like that because you have to be a sadist to like double fail mechanisms. Those are not challenges, because it’s designed specifically for insta killing captors, not for melee or messier AOE spells. I guess I have to TR into insta kill class just to finish an item since all shards are BTC, another dumb idea.


One thought on “Of all the stupid things to fix

  1. Tholgrin

    As a primary melee player, I LOATHE Let Sleeping Dust Lie. It’s as though I must intentionally gimp-ify my toon just to have a chance at completing it, or get with a lucky group and waddle along with the casters feeling completely useless between journal #1 and #2.

    I purposefully hunt those damnable Crimson Foot down with extreme prejudice in the wilderness, simply because of the hours lost and fails experienced in that one quest.


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