The long road to my Dragon Singer

It’s not a new concept. At least I don’t think so – the idea of marrying a sorcerer with a bard. But now with the current changes to the bard enhancement I noticed that there was a great deal of synergy between say spellsinger and air savant. Air savant for example have a native boost of both sonic and lighting in most of their core enhancements and the crit line is for sonic and lightning alike. Plus electrocute – stacking vulnerability to spells can increase due to sonic or lightning based spells. Making the different bard SLAs particularly useful in that respect. So I converted what was a dull experience leveling up my archmage/palemaster bladeforged using a +20 lesser reincarnation to a 14 sorcerer, 6 bard – just to see if there was enough synergy to get something okay out of it.

First – theoretically there are a few ways to do things. You can either do a lot of bard with a few sorc levels to get access to the savant enhancement. Particularly the crit line and electrocution. What you’re looking at is a bard SLA heavy build with lots of CC options – and dependent whether you go caster or perhaps melee (doing more swashbuckler) you have lots of different interesting choices. The downside is that you’re more or less stuck with bard spells and you’ll have fewer good sorcerer spells.

On the other hand you can lean more heavily on sorc with some bard to get access to bard specific enhancements. That means less CC (a lot less as it turned out) but more DPS spells. The downside is that you’ll have a harder time building up caster levels for all DPS spells – making the bard SLAs kinda weak and average for the sorc stuff. But on the other hand you’ll have a few bard buffs – such as songs, even if they won’t last that long.

I decided to go for tier 5 bard stuff and use the sorc one for a few SLA (but not lightning strike) and crit. I also opted to go for the cheap hold over horns of thunder, partly because once I used the horns of thunder it was a pretty weak hit – something like 400 sonic and 400 lighting on crit. The hold on the other hand (when properly boosted) will allow me to hold and use the other SLAs and spells such as chain lightning to do even more damage.

The long term plan is to use Shiradi – because it adds a lot of sonic procs and with cheap magic missiles along with all the different AOE SLAs and such I hope to be able to compensate for the lower average DPS.

The downside so far is one of gear and probably lack of TR. Especially since I’ve sacrificed spell pen in order to build up DPS and songs. You’ll notice that pretty quickly against drow. The other thing is reflex save; even if spellsinger get a lot of sources of Evocation and there are plenty of items with focus and such, it still seems to be lacking in over all ability. Making reflex saves fairly frequent. My hope is that I can make some okay gear that’ll help out and also add a few more TR, to add both spell pen and evocation to the mix. I’ve yet to fully unlock a destiny so I know there’s plenty of room for a good couple of twists. I started with draconic to simply get that early boost of energy burst and such and my next step is Magister and then the bard one.

The twists I have in mind are energy burst, lightning, +2 Evocation from Draconic and +3 Enchantment from Magister. And if I ever get as far as unlocking a 4th twist I’ll got for cocoon or maybe even the one that add more SP plus a larger pool of echo of magic.


2 thoughts on “The long road to my Dragon Singer

  1. erdrique

    Interesting concept and I wondered how well a sorcerer and bard mix class character would work. Sounds like you might have some tweaking but it also sounds like an interesting character to play.


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