Beating the Chronoscope

Now this is not a special accomplishment, because if you’re level 26 something you should be able to ‘beat’ the chronosphere, but it is a measurement of sort when it comes to reasonable CR and how a build like min can dominate it’s niche, without being a min max type ‘all dps’ or ‘all CC’. The point of my dragon singer (I’ve decided to stick with it) is to offering a little bit of this and that; some hold, some dancing and some DPS. Not to be dominant in each but at least solidly competent in them. That’s not to say EE is out of the question, but it’ll come with some serious investments and that’s perfectly fine with me. In Chronosphere it was clear that my hold mass at this point are fairly solid with some exceptions. I would assume that a little bit sharper, via a greater focus and the Epic sage cloak (+5 Enchantment) and perhaps a few more points of Charisma will make it almost solid. That’s the same with the disco ball – right now it’s a fairly solid. Ontop of that is evocation based spells, which is pretty much all of the different lightning and sonic based ones. Right now I’m using a +6 Evocation focus item (thunderforged) but there are a few more steps that can be done.

Such as a fully upgraded shadow scale armor with +1 Profane DC. I could also create a staff instead with +6 Evocation that comes with a unique +1 DC I think. I don’t know if this will be enough to bet EE content, but the next step would be to sharpen the stick even further. I currently use +4 Tome with a +8 charisma item, +3 insightful and the true imperial blood augment. There’s always room for a +11 Charisma items or at least a +10 (those are plentiful). Add to that a +5 or 6 Tome and now we’re talking business. It’s also possible to Reincarnate into a Drow, with the same setup you’re looking at 2 more in Charisma. Sure, I’ll lose a feat, but I’m one short now using a Bladeforged. My idea however is to do a human and rely on conventional healing instead and use that extra feat to sharpen the DC stick elsewhere. The point is to be able to be as good as I can in many things, without being entirely focused on one particular thing.

To that end I think Shiradi is really the way to go. I know it’s a lazy feature; it’s easy as pie. But it is also the best way of turning in mediocre DPS into much better. And if I can remain strong in say Evocation and Enchantment, then Shiradi will take care of the DPS needed. After all – EE is really about 2 things, DPS and damage mitigation. The quicker you nail something the more likely you are to survive. EE on a build like mine won’t be won with sub par DPS or grinding HP meatbags with holds and such, especially since so many of the critters are red named now a days. No the best thing I can do is to strengthen the weaknesses until they’re on par with what I need and that is how Chronosphere showed itself to be an unlikely candidate of the promises of the build. Everything is after all about the math. You break the SR, you overcome the saves with superior DC and you use the tools the way you envision them. In that respect the dots proved invaluable and the vulnerability to electric and sonic as it stacked up multiplied the effect of my cheap SLAs. The hold guaranteed 50% more damage and turned un-meta lightning bolts into 1k hits. I also aided everyone else as they used their DPS to smack things up. In that way it was fairly uneventful; after noticing just how efficiently my hold and disco balls worked I ventured into the deep of it, which is by the bank where you’ll find plenty of mobs. One disco ball later with lots of critters dancing I slapped on a hold, caught 80-90 percent of them (the rest dancing) and started using all type of goodies to wither them down.

A few broke lose but by moving them out of the dancing ball and back in they were forced to save against it again and most of the time got caught. This is the essence of the simple technique used – dancing and hold to collect, the SLAs for the DPS needed to win. Individually even the phantasmal force turned out to work about 70-80 percent of the time. That’s because bards and spell singers are strong with illusion and even without significant boosts it’s pretty good. You always have the illusionist gloves (a named item) with int and illusion to strenghen that or even the sage cloak, both with ample Enchantment and Illusion.

I will most likely TR by the time I hit 28. I don’t want to start raiding for items other than perhaps making a GS item. I’m thinking something with lots of SP and con op. I’ve already flagged myself but never run it yet. My hope is to do it shortly so I can get the shards needed since I already have plenty of mats. The question on my mind is more where as suppose to what. And that’s especially important considering what type of final end gear you have in mind. Because a con op item will be useful even into late epics, if not for the slight trickle of SP.


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