Passing on Ruin

I decided to pass on ruin for now. I like the spell. A guaranteed amount of damage – minimum and maximum. Properly boosted it’ll hit for 3-6 key with my pure sorc. Similarly with my FvS and Arti’s. It’s simply too good to overlook. But that was not the case with my dragon singer. First – I don’t have a good impulse build. I never intended to make one until at least the Shiradi is unlocked and most practically after another TR. So while there’s some gear I’m waiting to try to puzzle that part together until later.

In reality you only need the sage bracers and an augment – and if that doesn’t work – try the goggles from E3BC. Impulse, 10% discount on spells and Spell points. Not bad. And the bracers offers a good source for kinetic lore, 20% together with spell pen IV. Both useful. I wish it also had some type of augment slot and I don’t think it would be too much to ask for. The sage goggles has one and it adds a terrific source of fire spell power and lore together with intelligence.

But maybe I’m a little bit too greedy. In the end I’ll add a tier 3 universal spell lore to one of the thunderforged items. That’ll cover every single spell other then the main stick, which will most likely get lightning lore.

So why not ruin? At the current moment, one level to 28 I’m more focused to just getting there with the gear I have and use instead of worrying about fitting in another set of options for one spell only. Again – it’s a terrific spell. And my next go around will have it – in fact I’m looking forward to using it in combination with the current SLAs (yes, I know – it’s not a SLA per say) and future Shiradi casting. I’m also going to wait to make myself a shadow scale robe; since it’s unlikely i’ll make my next a robot it would be silly to waste resources now and make a docent. That’ll can wait until I other make a Drow or human. I’m still debating that. Both are tremendously useful for 2 different reasons. One guarantees more charisma and spell resist, altho the downside is also less con. And the other offers that additional feat – so compensating for the loss of charisma is less of an issue if it’s a matter of DC or spell pen. That’s what feats are for. Plus I like the fact that humans have a little bit better choices when it comes to racial traits, especially if you want heal amp and even ability point choices.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if I lean a little bit more towards human at this point. Now the question is if I temper myself a little and decide to unlock Shiradi first. I am tempted. I only need to hit rank 4 on Fatesinger, rank 3 on the rogue one and so forth to navigate towards Shiradi. It’s a drag – I detest off destiny leveling but I can also use the time to pick up some more stuff and perhaps even try to get that final seal to the ring in Epic Carnival, it’s a terrific source of spell power.

A daily dose of this and that for a week or so will eventually get me where I want and it’s always easier to start out with a good unlocked destiny for early epic leveling then to simultaneously level a destiny. That goes without saying. And it’s a great way to do quests a few levels above 20 early on, especially quests that deliver plenty of XP – like Von 3 and the Web of Chaos ones. Having the appropriate explosion in that case always helps.

There’s also another good reason why I like to TR into a human; docents in all honor and certainly the added survivability of playing a robot – but there are a lot more choices of armor for non robot classes then there are for robots. Especially diversity. Like the Cannith challenge one – as a caster it’s invaluable and it’s even good with melee and ranged. And if you look at MOTU gear alone you find a lot more diversity for caster based non robots then for – the docent for example only add +8 as a stat – which is fine – but the robe version also offers a +3 stat version and that adds diversity. Making gear choices a heckuva lot easier.

And since these are level 22 and 23 items (such as armor and trinkets) you’ll have a much easier time finding good solid gear choices as a non robot, then you do as a robot.


One thought on “Passing on Ruin

  1. erdrique

    Sounds like a solid plan and seems to be the most efficient to use your time. Don’t want to spend a bunch of time acquire the gear to only store it during your progress of reincarnations.


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