Dragon Singer continued

I sometimes makes the mistake of looking at the one thing and by mistake assume the same across the board. It’s easy to get that blind. Especially when off destiny leveling or just starting out that one toon with new fresh gear slogging up him both ways.

Until you do something that makes everything that much better. First, dragon singer is not the undead killer concept I’m looking for. Not that I ever thought it was. It was a mistake of me to gear up with all the toys, run out into E Macabre and then fail in a few encounters and read the writing on the wall. The truth is that this build is not well served by undead critters. It’s not meant to be. With only short range sonic and lots of lightning and fighting critters who couldn’t care less about hold and dancing ball, it’s no wonder it was less then optimal.

But yesterday I played a few quests and things sure fired nicely, the concept of hold and such still lives on. I also learned about something else – mind fog. Together with dancing ball it works just fine to extend the effects. See, you learn something new every day – and I’m sure most people who play cc toons already knew about it. But to me it was new and it add that little extra to the holds.

As I see it I might be maxed out on my Evocation at the moment. Currently sporting max item and lots of feat bonuses, but I still got a few extra strings on gear like +11 Charisma items (can’t wait till E Macabre arrives) +6 Tome and at least a few more Sorc TR’s. That should add a good +3 – +5 more evocation. So if things are about 60-70% now on upper end quests, that amount should make it close to perfect (looking for 80-90).

Then it’s a matter of DPS. That’s where Shiradi comes in (eventually) but with hold and lots of quick firing spells it works, even if it takes longer. In the end I will TR into a human, it’s just a question of getting that final greater shard so I can create my con op. After that TR and try again – ideally continuing to unlock destinies until I hit Shiradi.


One thought on “Dragon Singer continued

  1. erdrique

    I imagine you could have problems with constructs as well but the since the majority of the enemies you fight typically fight in DDO can be held, it will be minor.


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