Changes to gear coming U23

It looks like some people thought some items were to strong and they might change. As it seems the idea is to adjust down or split up. Pity, consolidated items are good. In fact so many of the items have redundant features I’d like to take a scalpel to the items and carve out the nonsense. And by nonsense I’m talking about the many features that are worthless as a whole. Like reflex +10. I can guarantee that most people have a resistance +10 item already. If not a good size augment. There’s at least 3 different items that share some sort of +10 feature (Fortitude etc). But there are also 2 items that comes with +11 and +12 resistance.

I understand the idea – maybe no one has an item like that or maybe they won’t get the items with the better resistance. But when you look at it, it’s fairly useless. And inflating numbers like that only add weight to things you don’t need and reduces other stuff that you feel you do.

Currently the boost and the Mentau Goggles might get adjusted. The 2 items I was looking most forward too. Not because they were SUPER, but mostly because they consolidate gear slots. If they break those up they immediately devalue. Even if it means that something else get similar values. But the whole point is consolidation. I’m not adverse to slight adjustments.

What seem to make the items strong is actually a mirage since so many of their features are doubled up on other items. Like UMD – you’ll find tons of items with UMD, making it less then a unique feature. So instead of reducing the usefulness of Mentaus goggles, they should remove redundant features that only inflate the over all value but add nothing to the total bottom line. Such as removing reflex +10 completely. if it’s not a unique insightful value it’ll be pointless.

Plus the issue with a lot of the items right now is that so many of them have sheltering on it, but to such a degree that a level 28 item might have sheltering 15, that’s 1 under the currentl ML 28 augment. And yet on others you find odd numbers like 21, 30 etc. The reality is of course that by adding so many features on so many different items it leads to inflation and suddenly you see the hammer come down on the useful and unique values (like Mentaus +4 insightful) and you still have UMD on 2-3 items (including Mentaus).

And while so many of the items are good, any change will devalue usefulness. At least a change to the unique aspect. Such as the boots tactical feats. Remove some of those and keep speed and you have an item that’s pointless. There are PLENTY of items including random with speed. In fact most melee probably use the feat that gives you a better choice. Speed is so Jorgundals Collar ago.

So well see, hopefully they’ll give the items another go, strengthen some of the weaknesses (like ring of unknown origin, pointless) and balance the OP items without destroying the synergy. If most of them becomes meh and some of the features are moved around, you still will have a collective of high level but unappealing items. And suddenly the 2-3 items you definitely want becomes the 1 or 2 you might swap in.


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