The future is coming – Mirror of Glammering

While they’re fast balancing both the PRR and MRR changes and the Macabre with raid – 2 new things popped into existence without the express knowledge of players. The Harper tree and Mirror of Glammering. The later – a much wanted feature to DDO and one which is going to expand in time.

The Harper tree is currently being revised, cutting out some Charisma (since it so happen to fit some pure builds perfectly like Bard and Paladin, adding more Charisma and therefor a nono). This limits it basically to more pure int builds. Like Arti and even rogues. Lets just say that my Arti will take advantage of it but I won’t bother with it that much on other builds. It’s just not all that useful for most part.

The Mirror however is; the first version – released in U23, will add the ability to copy armor, goggles and helmets into BTA cosmetics. So basically you should be able to take ANY item in the game, make a cosmetic out of it (of the types mentioned) and slot it. So if own a red dragon armor and want to make it into a cosmetic choice to run around in regardless of those 3 types of gear, you’re more then welcome to do it.

U24 will most likely also add weapons and shields. That is you match the type of weapon with the ones used – so if you don’t care for the toilet plunger thunderforged q-staff but would love to use the CITW one, you can, but the caveat is that particle effects might not be able to translate over. On the other hand it’s possible that they solve this by then OR add something even better – a particle cosmetic effect that you can either copy or buy from the store. Like to add black flames? Go ahead, 395 in the store. Or how about green sparks? Why not. I especially look forward to this. I’d love to be able to add a better greatsword cosmetic to my thunderforged one – I especially like the none upgraded version of sword of fury. That one looks bulky and like hammered out iron – crude but vicious. Or how about the khopesh one? It’s cool. Altho the tunderforged Khopesh actually looks okay. That also means that if you want to get that whole Samurai look going you can – like adding a nice banded mail followed by Samurai helmet. Yet underneath you’re sporting all the goodies that make life easier. In fact I’d love for Turbine to release a few cosmetic weapon looks themselves. How about a full Samurai outfit – armor, helmet and 2 handed (or single, your choice). Heck, why not even a nice Samurai looking bow too?

This is the kind of stuff that would make them money. And things we as players would pay for. I can totally see my Horc become a solid looking Samurai warrior sporting a Naginata (instead of the CITW q-staff). And I bet I’m not the only one. How about a Spanish Conquistador outfit? Rapier, shield, that iconic looking helmet and the shiny breast plate? Underneath there’s a full Epic black armor with helmet and scale armor, large shield and khopesh. Yeah – that would be sweet. Heck, that would add a lot of flavor for some guilds.

Now all we need is a way to show cloaks with guild emblems. That’s certainly next on the list. And it would round of things just perfectly.


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