BTA didn’t kill loot

There’s a silly and most illogical notion going on among players butt hurt by BTA loot that BTA loot killed the current loot grind. Nonsense. Arrant nonsense. It’s illogical on its foot and just dumb. People who toss out such arrant nonsense should bow their heads in shame and probably put on the dummy hat and stand in a corner.

BTA forces players to PLAY content in order to get item. BTCoE doesn’t. In fact I’ve traded and bought more of that loot off the shard AH then I’ve run the content for it. People who propose this silly notion are simply mad as hatters that they can’t just sell the current loot for shards. THAT is what’s behind their illogical and profoundly ignorant statements.

Let me throw it out there again – the reason why BTCoE was bad for the game is because it shortened the loot run cycle completely. It made basic loot worthless. There’s no point running the high road if someone else already have the item for sale. In fact you only have to run it once for XP if you like and then wait until someone post it on the AH.

The second thing that killed loot was Shadowfell. It added random loot more powerful then the GOOD loot. Like dream visor – one of the most sought over items after EGH dropped. Because it was one of the few items that added deadly. Suddenly with Shadowfell almost all items you pulled had twice as much deadly and the trading on dream visors completely died. The only thing with some value right now are +3 insightful stuff. And the EE ring from EPoP. Everything else is almost useless to sell for more then a handful of shards.

So far I’ve ran E3BC a lot more then I have any other content for the named items. What Turbine should however had done from the get go is to make the drop a little more rare. In other words; add a reasonable grind. 20-30 times on EN, 10-15 on EH and less then 10 on Elite. Make people run content. And BTA is just fine.

I’m fine with making Mythic items just for EH and EE runs. Really rare versions. That’s good. But not selling named items. That was dumb of Turbine and completely ruined any reason for people to farm a quest more than once. Professional traders aside, butt hurt from this change – this is good. Making people own and run content is good. And in U23 the difference is that making people run to unlock augment slots is good. Not only are you running quests to get item (without being able to just buy it) but you now also run to unlock the augment slots. Again, adding incentive and reason to PLAY. Being able to go to the shard AH and find items will NOT make people play. It makes absolutely not one single molecule of sense to make that statement.


4 thoughts on “BTA didn’t kill loot

  1. geoffhanna

    I like the ability to put stuff I get on the AH, so we disagree there. But I agree with you about the weirdness in loot that happened around Shadowfell (Ghostbane!) and has never been fully corrected.

    1. patang01 Post author

      That’s fine. The comment was more about the idea that by bta somehow killed the need to grind for loot. Bta guarantees that t he player has to run the content.

  2. erdrique

    I have kind of a mixed feeling on this myself. The problem I have with bound to account items is that I can’t do anything with them if I can’t use them on any of my characters, and it is always my luck that I get stuck with those items that I don’t have characters able to use them. In this sense, I would rather have the ability to put them up on the auction instead of using them as vendor trash. I would probably be happy if we could deconstruct those named items into essences in the Cannith Crafting machines as well. Oh well, I guess I’ll just continue to vendor it for now.


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