ERing before U23

I have about 3-4 hours left of 30% XP running and I don’t feel like wasting it running cap. Plus with 20% Epic XP I felt like getting to cap, and ER (Epic Reincarnate) right away. Why waste 2 good things. The Dragon Singer concept is working for what I want it to do. I rant EE Drow city stuff and managed to get the dancing ball with mind fog to work on most of them. I was level 27 at the time, running Shiradi. The gear setup is a Tier 2 Thunderforged with +6 Evocation, the Sage cloak with +5 Enchantment and the other thunderforged orb with +7 Spell Pen. Still, the hold would for most part bounce on EE drow and does so even on hard or normal creatures (Drow especially). I knew that already and I’m working myself to eventually TR for more spell pen.

However I’ve yet to run all of Wheelon solo on anything but EN and that’s because for most part I do it on melee and it’s just a pain to do otherwise. However this time I wanted to try – to see if my Dragon Singer could get his dancing balls to work alongside the holds. And it was a pure charm. First, the DPS is a little bit light without holds – I knew that going in. But with stacking electrocutions and lots of fast cycling chain lightning and such I managed to provide a nice amount of hurt without wasting to much DPS. Key was the use of dancing ball and hold and they worked fine on Wheelon stuff. The stupid assassins where a mixed bucket of meh – I don’t know what type of save they have but the idiocy of them avoiding hard to save Dancing balls just boggles my mind. Even with Mind Fog. I find that stuff stupid. When you create critters without specific weaknesses that can cycle a dumb attack over and over so quickly I just want to move on and never look back.

But I wanted to prove something for myself – that this concept worked for what it does and did so very well. So soloing with hirelings was a matter of wanting to see how it measured up, then puging EE stuff was a matter of thinking something would work while other things might now.

Everything went smoothly. All of them; there was only one room that caused issue and that is the final quest in the chain, upstairs in a room with a red named assassins and a bunch of regular assassin. They naturally started swishing all their chains around as I switched over to that side after dealing with the shadow on the shadowside and all the hirelings died, all. But I did the run in circles through dancing ball, got the stuck and even in some cases held and smacked the stuff out of them with fast cycling magic missiles and such.

Yeah, it works. Like it should. Even the shorter assassin quest worked. I parked the hirelings and went jumping up on the beam and got my second Joy of the Queen for the evening and suddenly the stuff started exploding like crazy. The red named didn’t last more then a minute. The other time was the end of the sewer one – that can get hairy with all the respawning trash and then stunning boss. But with dancing balls and Joy of the Queen I had the place looking like a 4th of July fireworks.

The final boss was tedious. I didn’t have the good tea with the queen thingy going (75% absorb) and having him switch back and forth was annoying but I did have ruin and those 3-6k hits tastes good.

The EE Drow quests however had me work Shiradi procs mainly and it’s nice. The dancing balls worked fairly okay (just jump through them until the chaser gets hitched) but the holds only landed once in a blue moon. Drows spell resists are crazy.

But it took me over the top; I was close enough having done a few other quests and the EE drow ones hit the spot. I had proven to myself that the concept works for most part for EN and EH as it should and in EE I can use 2 out of 3 main features; dancing balls and DPS through Shiradi. The holds will most likely require a few more steps.

This time around I’m changing the twists. I changed the Magister one to +3 Enchantment and as soon as I hit another few fate points (unlocking fatesinger now and will unlock the Druid one after this) I will bump up my second twist to tier 2 and do a +2 Evocation from Draconic. That adds lots of nice DC. I was hoping to get another one from the Harper 3 but they destroyed that by moving the passive DC to a tier 5. I don’t know what they’re thinking but by top loading that tree with good stuff they’re making it practically useless for most people.

I’m just sayin’ – very few will unlock it all the way to tier 5. Especially since most trees have something better for tier 5 than Harper. It seems that Turbine starts out well with a new update and then ruin it by breaking whatever is good. The Raid seems to get better tho, before it was a casters nightmare, now they have adjusted the bad features. So maybe. But I’m still very interested to know if they changed to items. There were 2 they thought about breaking up and changing somewhat and that usually means making them fundamentally useless for what it was good for before the change and worthless for a majority of players that might’ve used it.

We’ll see. Harper seems to be an Arti and Rogue playground now – fewer and fewer things add anything worth it for the rest of my guys. I’m not going to take points from secondary trees that might add significant amount of universal spell power to add a few from the Harper. Before it was up to 24 Spell power that could be added in 3 tiers and now it’s down to half. And THAT is just pointless. Especially since I’ll lose as many universal Spell power point to reduce my investment in Water Savant (for my pure sorc) just to add up about the same amount of Spell power and now have a lower crit profile as cold based spells.

Again – top loading the tree as suppose to adding a few good low hanging fruits have made the tree pointless for a majority of builds. And to me that just doesn’t look very fun. The Harper tree was always a pick a few nuggets type deal. A little bit for everyone. It was really strong for anyone that was interested in Int for damage but since that is now higher tier it changes the landscape dramatically.

Maybe Turbine don’t get it; but the tier 5 is not strong enough to warrant a full investment. It never was. And I don’t see one single build that I will ever tier 5 or even cap stone. None. So I’m glad I get it for free as VIP, otherwise I’d never pay money for it.

It’s like making a crappy iconic. I got mine through buying the Shadowfail big package. And I only use the Warforged. The rest of them are situational and mostly meh to me.


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